Moving Forward with desires

What do you do when you want to move forward. You pack what you desire and leave behind what is not required.

The same thing applies in relationships. Easier said than ….
In emotional life, feelings play a major role and are deep-seated, therefore it is not possible to physically separate old hurtful feelings, to make space  and place beautiful, new feelings.

Well there is a process that can support us in this. Also, would like to clear up that moving forward may or may not necessarily entail letting go. You are merely stating to your universe, that you are willing to move forward, you are willing to change your thoughts that are responsible for the way you have been attracting situations and/or people that have not worked for you. And now when the same people enter your life, the situations will be ones that work for you, and people will give you the reaction/reply/treatment/behaviour/attitude that you desired through your thoughts. And letting go is in no way equal to losing. Letting go is comfortable, smooth, seamless. :: Amanda Collins gives few tips to attract your soul mate, i.e. move on from your present relationship situation and to a flourishing and fruitful (loving, respecting) relationship
1. Self love (another blog topic, needs understanding and explanation, could need clarity by few of us)
2. Write a letter to your soulmate in present tense as if you are enjoying his presence, his company  today
One that I have found to be very useful and have applied it is 2. and …
3. Clearing the clutter – remove any signs and things is indicative of the old relationships/hurt. Their presence are the clutter, and interfere with/in inviting future relationships. Clearing the memories, some items that was shared and/or used by your last relationship/s. clear, throw, burn and say that you are “clearing your past and making way for the beautiful and new”. Emails, Pictures -digital, other copies, Phone number(s), messages, WhatApp msgs etc. too.
Affirmation for this:
Yes, we attract our life experiences, and learn the learning from through these life experiences and through these teachers (men/partner/love-like interest), you have been through so much. So forgive yourself, make space and have willingness to receive new. For forgiveness we could follow the ‘self-forgiveness’, hopono pono – Kuhona Hawaian method. This consists of four lines -” Please forgive me. I am sorry. I love you. Thank you ”

After the self-forgiveness, be nice to yourself. This self forgiveness process is followed by affirmation – “I love and approve myself” several times.

May the transition into new and beautiful relationship, be smooth and comfortable.

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