Need to have enough to attract it – in Love

I was doing some work and I have been keeping in touch with the angels by way of constantly asking for their help, and some signs and symbols to know that my communication channel with them is open and continuous. I suddenly got a thought, a revelation an ‘aha’ moment as is said. I don’t know how to love. I have shown love to many, kids, elders, friends, but I today realise that I do not know how to love.  I have been authoritative and managerial in showing love. I am concerned about looking silly or sounding childish. Love is about giving and receiving love. I have not been able to give love as it is meant to be and had not been able to receive love as it is meant to be received, i.e. many-fold. Love, friendship, partnership, the association works best that way. I am so willing to change and learn to love. I am requesting angels to show me how to love and guide me how to receive love multi-fold.

Today’s realisation. Affirmation : I am willing to lovingly learn. I have always been a unique person just like each of us. I am sure life will bring it to me…

I am sharing all my experiences
….My intention is that everyone/anyone who is going through what I am going through in my personal and professional life, to them it will serve as their answers…for example the ones that have not experienced or not been able to attract love or blocked love without knowing that they are doing that to themselves, will now know. No one person is alone in this. People ‘do’ end up doing that to oneself. Important thing is the science that entails…. is, it reflects that one needs to have enough love within oneself to be able to give love (Dr Wayne Dyer),

What One Does Not Have One Cannot Give And What You Cannot Give One Will Not Be Able To Receive.

So It Is Important That Each One Of Us Understand And Start ‘Manufacturing’ Love Within To Have The Love Come To Us.

How…please hear this

I have heard it so many times

I was listening to Dr Wayne Dyer interview [] with James Altucher (author ‘choose yourself!’), interesting guy. Wayne Dyer was talking about his book “I can see clearly now”. All that has been happening in our lives or has happened is taking us to what ever we want to do/suppose to do/’purpose of life’. I have been reading excerpts from his book “Arrange whatever pieces that is coming your way”.

So that is what I am doing, arranging all the experiences I have had and new experiences I am having in my personal and professional life, and I am curiously viewing where is it is taking me. I am willingly and noticibly moving forward in what ever way/direction my thoughts lead me. I am learning new things every day and having new revelations every few days and healing some part of my life each day and am able to pass on this healing to IADLife Clients in a way they understand. Here’s where my experience as a Bioinformatician comes in handy. All the time I have spent to find out how to explain, delayer to biologists, I am able to explain all this new science I call “Human Science”, to people who are new to it.

People who listen to me and read me and interact with me through IADLife, will be be able to see clearly now how their life events have brought them to the present state and thus will be able to believe that present events that it will take you to something wonderful

Thank you all Thank you IADLife

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