What happens when healer needs healing

What happens when Healers need to take medication

Many a times it has been seen that healers and their belief in their technique and their over the top busy schedule (just like many others), can delay or postpone their own healing. If the pain is bearable, if the cough is intermittent and can be ‘handled’ with some home remedies, ….the actual focused work on the situation, pain, ache is postponed indefinitely….. till that unrelenting cough or excruciating pain can catch the attention.
With the vibration that one is in at that point, pain brings in anger & guilt and further lowers the vibration. The technique learnt and that one has been teaching to others, in ones own case may take time to work and possibly many a times feel as if it is not working at all.

But, then instead of going into self-guilt or over exertion of finding the reason, my suggestion is please take the medication or doctor’s consultation. Do self-forgiveness and be mindful of paying attention to one’s body and self on every day basis.
I was in two such situations in past one year. I had a muscle pull and throat problem. I carried out affirmations, asked help from angels and did tapping, but did not do it in a focused manner, and then it became severe.

I believe, body is an intelligent system and is simply asking you to take a breather and take note of your source’s amazing creation, your body and give ‘its deserving attention’.

Let’s go back to our basics and pay attention to self “wear the oxygen mask first*”
* wear the oxygen mask first :: This is the example I give mostly to care takers and care givers. This is the suggestion I take from the “flight instructions”, where adults are advised to wear the oxygen mask first and then help the children wear the oxygen mask. As care takers and care givers you need to get some healing in your space before you give or advice healing for the ones you are taking care. So, even as healers although we do know that healing is a process of life (or a lifelong process), we need to be mindful of the day to day self care as well. Tips from self care expert Cheryl Richardson could come in handy here.

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