Addendum …. Why We Did What We Did

Addendum …. Why We Did What We Did

Please know and remember that, every realisation is followed by yet another realisation. Everything that we do or have done is because it was the best we could do based on our understanding or someone else’s belief and/or borrowed belief, at that point of time. Everything that we do helps us survive in that situation. And the behaviour that surfaces because of that is usually your leverage in the survival in those circumstances and situations. The study/ponder over a situation arises only when that earlier “understanding or someone else’s belief and/or borrowed belief”, stops working for us and thus is an indication that it is the time to change.

And change comes by letting go past and then placing new “understanding or belief ”. Only difference is that you/we/one would know better now and this time to a great extent the understanding and beliefs are our own. And is a guarantee that it will work for us at this time.

Understanding my realisation behind my realisation after watching the movie and reading/discussing the book. (please read the previous post

*Because I was always so willing to make changes, I am polite and accommodating and I can fit in every situation. All this is very important and conveniently comes in handy in my present job at IADLife. Only that, now I am doing all that with love and respect for myself first.

* Always willing to try out new things has given me a taste in variety and a chance to look for my higher taste, in every area, in food, clothing, relationships. Again, now I am doing this exploring and not as an obligation to others or as a compulsion. I am having fun being open to new and exciting.

* Being open to different branches in education has helped me be open to new areas to learn and how to amalgamate these knowledge(s) together. This helped me be a good at explaining and in delaying area(s) of knowledge/subject to people with varied back ground.

Taking steps is next. I am to know and to say and to do and to follow steps with faith and self-conviction. Some of the affirmation(s) that are helping me in this process as follows:

I can do it.

Something Awesome Amazing is going to happen to me today.

Something wonderful is about to happen.

All is well, everything is working out for my highest good, out of this only good will come of all involved, we are all safe.

I love life and life loves me multi-fold.

(Source: Louise hay, Pam Grout). And of-couse always, always say what is your highest good.


If you have questions please do write to us. We shall together find solutions.

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