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THANK YOU IADLife                   
Thank You for giving me a Job. A job that I took up merely because I thought I understood and I could do it. A few months later I realised, this knowledge is something, if possible I could share with others who would be willing to hear.

Two years later I realise that this is what I can really do and do really well and all that I have to share can and will bring ‘healing-joy’ to billions or more all over the planet.

Thank You for helping me get closer to my Life Purpose, even if it is just ‘a’ step or ‘few’,

nevertheless, it is ‘a’ step or ‘few’ closer.

Thank You for supporting, guiding, providing and being with me like a friend, philosopher and guide through this healing journey.

Thank You for the scientists and their research, the healers and their healing process, the counsellors and their methods, the spiritual teachers and their teachings.

Thank You so much for introducing me to my ANGELS.

Thank You for getting me closer to my GOD, this time with love and not out of fear.

Thank You for introducing me to the all-knowing caretaker, the UNIVERSE, who abides by our words and thoughts and willingness.

Thank You for the ‘VIBRATIONS’, and sharing the secret that, it is the “KEY”.

Thank You for teaching me to be in the ‘non-judgemental’ space when needed and have an ‘OPINION’ when required.

Thank You for helping me be ‘FLEXIBLE’ enough for the permission to permit myself, to anything and everything and ‘SINCERE’ enough to know my safety and that of others.

Thank You for the understanding of BALANCE and its value in every area.

Thank You for letting me enhance my qualities of being sincere and honest and to stand up for what I understand and believe in. Thank You for the ‘KNOWING’ that it is safe to do so.

Thank You for the realisation that I have a ‘CHOICE’.

Thank You for teaching me that, things can ‘CHANGE’.

Thank You for the learning that I matter, my thoughts matter, and that I am worth ‘something’ and ‘a lot MORE’.

Thank You for letting me, a person who had struggled her earlier life, a life before IADLife, to decipher self-worth, to know that “It’s A DESERVING Life”. It is indeed a Deserving Life.

You have been so generous and now you are also letting me know that “It’s A DIGNIFIED Life.”

Thank You for the words and the communication

Thank You for giving me YOU.  Most of all Thank You for giving me HOPE.


With Love and Gratitude -REENA YADAV.

Be Inspiring For What Is Possible

Dear Friend! Be inspiring for what is possible and not because of “inspite of”.

I have been approached by some beautiful people during my aerobics/Zumba workout and told these wonderful words  “you are so inspiring”. Instead of being elated and taking the comment as compliment, I have remembered being confused and pointing to myself and asking “who me” and also blurting out to one comment’ee’, “so are you”. Well! she most definitely left the scene.

Truth be told I was angry and offended too (which ofcourse I realised in a minute), because I was considering myself to be non-amputee. This was possibly something, I was doing to fit in, or not to have deal with myself for sometime. Just wanted to enjoy dancing and exercising.

I was sure I was not being admired for my dance skills. Thus, the appreciation, about being inspiring, brought me back to the reality, ‘I am an amputee’. Fortunately, we have these big larger than life mirrors and I started my mirror work. Looked into my eyes and said to myself to calm down, as asked myself (like one asks a friend), what is bothering me. That instant, I realised that I was not liking the comment, mostly because I took the comment as if I was being told, you are doing this, aerobics ‘inspite’ of being an Amputee. I then decided to see myself as someone who has worked through life’s situation to bring to light, what is possible, exploring and creating new opportunities.

I immediately, started feeling better.

With this I understood that, life is not about showing people that one can do certain things ‘in-spite’ of being in certain situation (in my case, an amputee). Instead life for me is about, (as I prefer), to show and look at people who have shown us “what is possible”

So I prefer  to  Be inspiring because of “what I have made possible” for myself and others instead of showing what I managed to do Inspite of

And now i am in a place where I can admire and love others because of the possibilities and opportunities they show me

Best regards, Reena Yadav, IADLife

Dear friends! I am right arm amputee. Reena Yadav

Be inspiring for what is possible

2nd year Anniversary of IADLife

IADLife is now finishing two years this week and we are just in awe of how far we have come and how much we have learnt and gained. How our mind has bloomed and blossomed, with creative ideas and new areas and ways in healing. We have been moving forward introducing new science(s) and new ways of healing and spreading the healing. Being a scientist/researcher I have the habit of making connections between the various areas and to go in depth of each science. We were pleasantly surprised to see how the combination of sciences can be so effective and sometimes just one of them can do wonders.

We learnt everything from ground level. How to register a company, open a corporate bank account, advertising, networking, opening a FB page, domain purchase, website making, organising workshops, getting into counselling, investing every paisa we could invest from our savings.

Our attempts and determination to start and grow “It’s A  DIGNIFIED Life”, counselling people who are willing to move beyond the amputation, handicap and disability. Everyone is different in someway, but ones that are different at the physical level are the ones that sometimes or eventually succumb (guess, there is no choice) to giving oneself permission to take a step towards exploring their healing.

We have miles to go and we are more convinced than ever that this is our way forward on career and in life. True, although it was known that we are in healing field, we are most convinced now than ever that this field, which I, Reena Yadav have coined it as “Human Science”, where scientists, healers, counsellors from all over the world, working on areas that contribute to healing of mind body soul and heart, is the way forward and up in life.

I am very grateful for the distance both IADLife and I have traveled. I am forever appreciative of the contribution of you in our mission and lives. I have always believed ” healing of one has ripple effect to healing of many others” I have special regards for people who take, the seemingly never ending steps, towards self healing. Thank you for being part of our journey till now. May God bless you. We will always be on your side. Love IADLife