Writing Affirmation Made Easy

Writing Affirmation Made Easy

Dear friend! Did you know that affirmation(s) are every word you say. So please say words that works for you. One of the reason affirmations writing and reading and repeating takes time is that , one is never certain if they have covered all bases of that desire. So till one can get a hang of writing very clear, specific affirmations, let’s make Writing affirmations easy.

Just follow these simple steps below

  1. Choose your favourite words
  2. Decide what do want to say and regarding what area
  3. Add these words from 1, to 2, and form a sentence.

For Example

  1. My favourite words are Awesome, Amazing, Fun.
  2. I wish to form affirmation for “My job” .
  3. My affirmation for my job is

“My job is Awesome Amazing Fun”.

Or related ones could be  “My colleagues are Awesome Amazing Fun”.

Hey, then, what about me. So let’s modify. ‘My colleagues and I are Awesome Amazing Fun.

This would encompass every aspect. There could be a question what about salary, environment, food, transportation, timing, progress/growth etc.

You would find the job ‘with good salary, comfortable timings, healthy food, at comfortable distance, good commute, respecting colleagues, intellectually stimulating discussions’,  and everything else that will be up to your satisfaction.

Suffice to say that unless everything is to your optimum satisfaction you would not be content.

Therefore, once and only when, you find that you are happy, ecstatic or comfortable (depending on what you are looking for) with every aspect, it is then that you find the job “Awesome Amazing Fun”

Similarly you could use your favourite term and try replacing in place of my terms here. You will enjoy writing affirmations. You may spend time being more specific as a second set of affirmations for the same area, you wish to enhance or change.

Let’s try these steps again with new area, my favourite “Love Life”

  1. Choice of words “love” or “comfortable” or “happy”
  2. Area is  “Love Life”
  3. My affirmation could be

“I LOVE my Love Life with my Man” “I love my  Love Life with my Partner”

“I am COMFORTABLE with my Love Life with my Man” “I am COMFORTABLE with my Love Life with my Partner”

“I am HAPPY with my Love Life with my Man” “I am HAPPY with my Love Life with my Partner”

You could play around by adding new good feelings to the affirmations and append or modify as per your will. These are easy to write, remember and repeat. When you repeat with least resistance, it manifests faster. Yahooooooooooooo


Lots of love and best wishes IADLife

My affirmation  “I love my,  Awesome Amazing Fun, Love Life with my Man” “I love my,  Awesome Amazing Fun, Job” “I am Grateful for my,  Awesome Amazing Fun, Love Life with my Man” “I am Grateful for my,  Awesome Amazing Fun, Job”

Gratitude increases the vibrations, at higher vibrations manifestations are sooner…..yahooooooooooooooooooo 🙂

Writing Affirmation Made Easy

Writing Affirmation Made Easy

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