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De-Clutter Health – From releasing Poison to receiving Foison

De-Clutter Health – From releasing Poison to receiving Foison

In brief :

What is Clutter? How to recognise ? How  to clear in various health related areas? What to replace it with? How to create a healthful future?

De-Clutter Health – From releasing Poison to receiving Foison

Clutter is something that is causing cloudiness or murkiness, obstructing what needs to be clearly seen. Clutter is thus, something that you may not need and could happily let go. So, De-Cluttering can be said as , ‘getting rid of’, ‘welcoming new’, ‘making space for what is desired’.

So the first step is the most gigantic, cumbersome step i.e. to recognise and remove, what is required to be removed. Removal are of many types, it is based on the pros cons weighing, it can be moved, shifted, tossed or can be transformed. You could also, decide to have a different perspective of the/a clutter, thus making it useful by just changing your mind-set about ‘it’.

De-Cluttering is journey from “poison to FOISON” – dictionary meanings Poison is ‘a substance with an inherent property that tends to destroy life or impair health’. Foison is ‘abundance’.

In de-cluttering, important, is to recognise, that needs to be corrected and changed. So we first  choose area/s that can be de-cluttered in health – food choices, habits, eating timings, cooking style, kitchen.

While choosing the area/s to start de-cluttering, it sometimes can be overwhelming and confusing, as to which one to start with. It’s when you start with one area, it takes you from one area to another and the actual area that needs priority in de-cluttering is addressed.

De clutter Health

To understand the de-cluttering of Health, you need to ask yourself,  ‘How often do you exercise’,  ‘How often do you watch what you eat’, ‘How often do you sleep on time, What are your sleep patterns’, ‘What are you thinking when you are cooking and eating and serving’.  ‘What is your situation with the kitchen’.

Exercises has been known as a best way to keep your health and fitness and vitality and energy in right level. To promote yourself to exercise, you could give yourself enough choices. Choose what is your most favourite exercise, walking, running, cycling, dance worksouts like Zumba, aerobics, swimming, free style or any other.  Choose the time span, how many minutes suit you, keep it variable. It is better than not exercising at all. You need not exercise the whole hour in case of constraint of any kind (say medical reasons or time) you could do that for few minutes only. Choose your space indoors or outdoors, according to your wish and comfort level. Exercising where you sweat, is the good way of releasing toxins.

Breathing enough and right, is the most scientifically proven way of De-Cluttering your body to a healthy one. Anulom Vilom and Kapalbhati Pranayama in Yoga amongst the other ways are the easy and doable way of breathing techniques that wards off the un-necessary carbon dioxide from the body and takes in good supply of oxygen. Each cell in the body needs to be oxygenated to stay healthy. There are oxygen bars/parlors that have been meant for energising cells, as part of health spas.

Sleeping is the most natural way of De-Cluttering health.  When you sleep, you let go fatigue and tiredness and stress. You allow your body to rest and relax and rejuvenate. Arianna Huffington in her book Thrive, advocates to sleep more and scientists too have proven how sound body and mind can be achieved by just having adequate sleep.

Meditation can also be very important. Most of the body fat and added abdominal fat is due to the stress which causes over production of the hormone, Cortisol, which according to studies is linked with to increased appetite and sugar cravings. Meditation and EFT/tapping have been known as the most effective way to reduce and ward off stress.

Food intake related De-Cluttering In health means you detoxify your body. There is a very simple way to do that, something most of us Indians possibly know and that is eat low calorie fruits (e.g.melons) just one day in a week. Some of us might call that fasting.

Cooking can be a creative way to ensure that only healthful benefits from food cooked, reach your body. One of the IADLife client had mentioned during the counselling session, that ‘she loved to bake and while kneading she uses it as an opportunity to vent out her anger’. This is a big NO NO. It has been proven by scientists that food and water has memory. Dr Masaru Emoto, proves that water has memory, in his published work ‘Healing with Water’ in The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine. February 2004, 10(1): 19-21.

Point that is being made here is words have power and it affects water, now can you imagine how does it affect your body which is 70% water. Food when being blessed or when nice things said even in thoughts, turns out to be very tasty, easy on stomach and digests well. You will know it by the feedback from people you have shared your cooking with.

Clearing the Kitchen, cupboards, loft, sink is an important aspect of De-Cluttering in health.  Clearing could be done at one time or a small portion can be done as a schedule everyday. A clean and hygenic kitchen is  healthful kitchen.

Shower/bathing is an increases blood circulation, good ideas and thoughts.  Thus, helping in De-Cluttering health.

Massages of many kinds are available that can are also be effective in de-toxification and is an effective way to de clutter your health, it is also refreshing and beautifying.

Positive Affirmations and showing gratitude, are wonderful ways of related what would benefit you after De-Cluttering process. You could affirm while doing many of the points suggested above. While Showering – “I release all that my body no longer needs and/or I am being showered by beautiful thoughts all day”.  While using the bathroom, “all good nutrients get absorbed and unnecessary part gets excreted easily”. While Cleaning the Vegetables and Fish/Chicken etc., say “I am clearing the blockages and resistance of my life or blockages and resistance of my life are getting cleared away”. The same can be said while cleaning the kitchen.

According to the study of Angelology, when there is a healing request in health, we request God and Archangel Michael to clear all the low energies and then request for healing from Archangel Rapheal. The De-Cluttering number in Angelic communication through Symbology is ‘55’, it means that “you need to let go old to make space for the new and beautiful.”

After the De-Cluttering process comes the creating of your future heath. You could, write your health related desires and also create a vision board. Place pictures representing the desires on the vision board. Place it where you could visit and each of your desires frequently.

Picking up pointers and following them from information above, is a guarantee that you have a healthful present and future.

Reena Yadav, Proprietrix & Researcher, IADLife [It’s A DESERVING Life]


YOU      ME    I

To understand this, a process is suggested. Do follow it step wise.

Before that let’s look at some of the advantage/applications of this process/steps  as follows:

  • Affirmations effective multi-fold
  • This increases self-love, several folds
  • Helps recognise blockage and resistance
  • You tend to worry less about others

For more please see the end of this Blog.

What does it mean? Who are you thinking when you say this?

You : When I am by myself or in-front  of the mirror, I think of myself. When I am with someone/some people I am thinking of that person.

Me: Myself of-course, this is said mostly  when I am addressing  about myself in-

front of /to  others.

I : My inner self. Conscious recognition of my presence to myself.

Now let’s add another       OTHERS

Others: Everyone other than me, I or myself. It could be also ‘you’

Now, say it in-front of the mirror.  Answer the above Question again!

Notice your feelings, EFT out any uncomfortable feelings.

Keep doing this till you are calm and your feelings become pleasant.

Now, every time you hear the words, either by you or others,  “you”, “me”, “I”, you will feel comfortable.


Now, you will get “you attract what you are” :

When you attract a bad situation, unpleasant behaviour from a person, unhappy news or witness uncomfortable incidents, we tend to ponder and work on analysing why that happened and/or why that person is behaving with you that way. But then, this is only passing a message to the Universe, ‘Show  me how’ and Universe does. The situations keep repeating or may increase.

All this can be changed, if we are willing to change something within ourself. So the right question to the universe is that “What is it that I could change within me that will help me/support me in attracting ‘good situation, pleasant behaviours, happy news or comfortable and beautiful incidents’,” just to name a few as an example.

Blessings oneself, others and showing gratitude to oneself, others  is also an effective way to change one’s life.

The purpose behind these actions, is to raise your vibrations. The frequency where everything is beautiful and manifestations are rapid and instant.

However, while doing this it is important to notice your feelings, for if the feelings are not pleasant the action (and purpose behind these actions) are not met/fulfilled. So every time you bless/thank others or person in the mirror by saying “I bless you”  “I bless me/myself”, the feelings are so pleasant because of the action steps mentioned earlier, it brings prosperity in some or all areas in your life and you tend to worry less about others.

So you are always grateful and blissful and thus you attract everything that gives you more chances to be grateful and blissful.

To re-iterate:-

The advantage/applications of this process/steps  as follows:

  1. Affirmations are three fold and are more effective e.g. I am attracting abundance, I see myself attracting abundance, Others see me attracting abundance and are happy for me as I am happy for them attracting abundance. This I have learnt from Denis Linn
  2. This increases self-love, several folds
  3. Helps recognise blockage and resistance* – causative agent for delay or lack in manifestations
  4. You tend to worry less about others
  5. It’s a good practice. Affirming and manifestation are easy and in good vibration.
  6. What you give out, comes back to you. Giving and receiving is easy and comfortable. You could affirm, I give out (love, gratitude etc.) and it comes back to me multi-fold.
  7. Life processes become seamless and flow with the divine becomes eminent
  8. You are always in high vibration

*Recognising resistance – Wishing well for others is problem for some and/or sometimes. The irritation causes vibrations to lower, thus, the manifestations are not optimum or higher or not happening as per your desire.