YOU      ME    I

To understand this, a process is suggested. Do follow it step wise.

Before that let’s look at some of the advantage/applications of this process/steps  as follows:

  • Affirmations effective multi-fold
  • This increases self-love, several folds
  • Helps recognise blockage and resistance
  • You tend to worry less about others

For more please see the end of this Blog.

What does it mean? Who are you thinking when you say this?

You : When I am by myself or in-front  of the mirror, I think of myself. When I am with someone/some people I am thinking of that person.

Me: Myself of-course, this is said mostly  when I am addressing  about myself in-

front of /to  others.

I : My inner self. Conscious recognition of my presence to myself.

Now let’s add another       OTHERS

Others: Everyone other than me, I or myself. It could be also ‘you’

Now, say it in-front of the mirror.  Answer the above Question again!

Notice your feelings, EFT out any uncomfortable feelings.

Keep doing this till you are calm and your feelings become pleasant.

Now, every time you hear the words, either by you or others,  “you”, “me”, “I”, you will feel comfortable.


Now, you will get “you attract what you are” :

When you attract a bad situation, unpleasant behaviour from a person, unhappy news or witness uncomfortable incidents, we tend to ponder and work on analysing why that happened and/or why that person is behaving with you that way. But then, this is only passing a message to the Universe, ‘Show  me how’ and Universe does. The situations keep repeating or may increase.

All this can be changed, if we are willing to change something within ourself. So the right question to the universe is that “What is it that I could change within me that will help me/support me in attracting ‘good situation, pleasant behaviours, happy news or comfortable and beautiful incidents’,” just to name a few as an example.

Blessings oneself, others and showing gratitude to oneself, others  is also an effective way to change one’s life.

The purpose behind these actions, is to raise your vibrations. The frequency where everything is beautiful and manifestations are rapid and instant.

However, while doing this it is important to notice your feelings, for if the feelings are not pleasant the action (and purpose behind these actions) are not met/fulfilled. So every time you bless/thank others or person in the mirror by saying “I bless you”  “I bless me/myself”, the feelings are so pleasant because of the action steps mentioned earlier, it brings prosperity in some or all areas in your life and you tend to worry less about others.

So you are always grateful and blissful and thus you attract everything that gives you more chances to be grateful and blissful.

To re-iterate:-

The advantage/applications of this process/steps  as follows:

  1. Affirmations are three fold and are more effective e.g. I am attracting abundance, I see myself attracting abundance, Others see me attracting abundance and are happy for me as I am happy for them attracting abundance. This I have learnt from Denis Linn
  2. This increases self-love, several folds
  3. Helps recognise blockage and resistance* – causative agent for delay or lack in manifestations
  4. You tend to worry less about others
  5. It’s a good practice. Affirming and manifestation are easy and in good vibration.
  6. What you give out, comes back to you. Giving and receiving is easy and comfortable. You could affirm, I give out (love, gratitude etc.) and it comes back to me multi-fold.
  7. Life processes become seamless and flow with the divine becomes eminent
  8. You are always in high vibration

*Recognising resistance – Wishing well for others is problem for some and/or sometimes. The irritation causes vibrations to lower, thus, the manifestations are not optimum or higher or not happening as per your desire.


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