Do not look for concessions. Look for ways to increase your DESERVABILITY.


IADLife Blog:

Dear Friend!

It is indeed a DESERVING Life. You DESERVE all great.

Parameters that are of importance in your ‘desire manifestation’ are the quality, the requirement and the timing of availability of your desire.

Your certainty and tunnel vision for your affordability is what makes you look for concessions. If you could note the manifestation of your asking. Your next action step would be ‘showing/expressing gratitude.’ This will increase trust in your own power and connection with the universe that gets you your manifestations of your desires. As the trust gets more concrete, it radiates into other areas. The other areas are the resources to get the desirable object.

So now you know (a) when you ask you get it and you could trust that other resources are made available, you just need to look in the in all directions and spot the right one, listen to the guidance intently, be willing to take the action step suggested (b) when you ask, also ask that you can easily receive your beautiful desires.

When you ask and you are willing to receive then concessions and discounts come as a means to pave way for you to receive. They come as pleasant added surprises. There is gratitude for that. But, the real reason for the happiness for receiving of the desire made possible.

Discounts, coupons, redeeming of points collected, freebies are fun and motivating only when it matches with parameters of manifesting your desires or something higher. The same becomes lack and not fun when it defocuses and strays you from parameters of manifesting your desires.

Put that focus and energy to life enhancement. Focus on, how to increase your INCOME, skills, knowledge, and quality of your services. Affirm that you are able to pay COMFORTABLY. Praise, be thrilled and celebrate your ABUNDANCE and PROSPERITY. Value your PEACE of mind. TRUST what you need will come to you or will be made available to you along with the RESOURCES you need or require to have it and receive it.

Trust, value and respect your every manifestation. Every small manifestation holds clue and adds confidence to your larger manifestations. It makes you clearer in what you want and your asking, willingness to work towards it, comfortably receiving it, wonderfully showing gratitude and lovingly acknowledge your achievement.

Your ‘deservability’ is personalised for you. Only you have the sole internal true understanding on your DESERVABILITY. What you deserve was decided when you landed on the planet.

If you have an understanding of either a force higher than yours or your true self. Your deservability is same as you would assign them, as you have a part of them in you. Rest of the doubt or questioning of the deservability is a concoction that has emerged from others viewpoint that you chose to accept as your own. You can now choose to let go that ownership. Create your new sense of deservability that entails your deserving you greatest and highest good.

Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

WhatsApp Number: +919886077034

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