Glass vs Plastic=Fragile vs Tough

Glass vs Plastic=Fragile vs Tough
This came to my mind, when I was placing the glassware and cups, mugs in one basket and plastic ware and steel ware in another. It was so easy for me to place the plastics and steels in one basket. while, keeping the glass wares needed special care.

I could throw the plastic into the basket from far. Even when one slipped from my hand and fell, I had the confidence that I could just pick it up and place it in the decided basket/place, without having to worry or have stress to damage it irreparably.

Glass on the other hand requires careful handling.

I suppose we also decide our life purposes based on the confidence we have on ourselves. Because we know that we are like plastics and steel, so we choose, finish or learn our life purposes by choosing tough life experiences. This is because of a simple fact, which is,  that we know we are tough enough to take it.

This toughness comes from inner faith in our support system that we have with us. Ones we have created, attracted  while we stay on the planet and ones that has accompanied us when we landed on this planet. Former are friends, neighbors, well-wishers, helpers, staff etc. The later are Universe, God, Angels, Guardian Angels, Spirit Guide.

The confidence we have in ourselves and our support system, is also the reason that we know that we on our way and we will get where we need to be.

So hold on my dear friends, you can do this. We are many and we know ourselves well.

Stay in touch and let’s keep supporting each other. Love and regards IADLife

Glass wares are like new souls, that have life experiences, where they have it easy. While plastics are like old souls, that have tough life experiences,


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