Stress Management in Office Environment

To manage stress, you need to recognise stress symptoms. Heaviness in the head (one side or whole for head), acidity and pain in stomach, cramps on your shoulders or your upper back, elevation of temperaments and anger levels.                                                                                                           Once it is established that you are going through stress, try to assess the reason for the stress and compartmentalise or categorise it step wise.                                                                                                                 A) Personal, professional, B) then, what is it related to, is it money, relationship, love, health C) then, see the feelings that are connected to this, is it worry or fear or something else. D) now note the action steps, can it be done immediately or later.                                                                                         All these points are then used for the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) or Tapping. Tapping reduces stress levels by getting to the real cause of stress and also helps the brain to start churning out the action steps that can help you to get rid of the particular stress.

When there is recurring stress occurrence (whether it due to a person or a word or an email or an expression or a situation), list 5 to 10 gratitude sentences for this occurrences. Then notice the stress lessen. In many cases, change is noticed in the causative agent of the stress too.

Many a times a simple gestures and actions like getting up for a break to go to water station, going to the coffee lounge, a quite walk around in the office, going to the toilet or just getting up from the seat, works.

You could sit upright and while seated, then stretch yourself to the right side all the way to the back as far as you can, then come back to centre and then repeat this on your left side. Do this 3 to 5 times, to release the physical stress that is caused due to being seated in the same position for a long time. Please remember to keep breathing throughout the whole exercise.

You can also simply, take deep breaths, every time you breath say in your mind or out-loud ‘ I am breathing in faith, confidence and self-love’, every time you breath out through your mouth, say in your mind or out-loud ‘ I breath out stress, fear, anger’.

Pranic healing is a form of energy healing, which is also very effective for reducing stress. The Solar Plexus Chakra which is at the hollow area between the ribs, is quite sensitive to emotion, tension and stress and has strong influence on the physical heart and front Heart Chakra. (Miracles Through Pranic Healing, Author Master Choa Kok Sui). You could get in touch with a pranic healer, to carry out distance energy healing for you or if you know pranic healing, you could do the clearing and energizing of the solar plexus, to reduce stress.

If you have knowledge of Angeology then, take help from God and Archangel Micheal and request by saying “please remove all low energies and fill me with positive divine energy, please keep severing all the cords that are sucking my energy”. Even if you don’t know Angeology, just try it. Molecular biologists and biochemists carry out their experiments in triplicates in the laboratory, so you can most certainly use this process and ask for the help at-least three times, and see how it helps. When you notice the change please remember to show gratitude.

Another effective method of stress releasing is changing perspective/ the way you see the situation. Following case study is an example for this, a bank branch manager, came to us for stress management and said he wanted to quit his job. He shared that on one end he gets stressed by the client’s grievances, complaints and on the other end he faces the heat from the upper management. I asked him to tell me how he saw himself in this situation. He said he saw himself as sugarcane, that is being crushed and squeezed from both ends. Then I asked him to see himself as a bridge between the clients and the senior management. Also, I pointed out to him that, his position, just reflected that ‘he has dual talent/skill/quality that has made him most qualified to effectively carry out this responsibility. If he leaves the job he could move to the client section. If he stays and eventually gets promoted to the upper management, he will best connect with the branch managers, and thus will be best suited to contribute to the growth of the bank’. This change in perspective, got him motivated and helped him get rid of the stress. Thus, changing your viewpoint, can help.

Another important and effective method is mirror work. Whenever you feel the stress, if you have a mirror handy, look into your eyes in the refection and say words of comfort and love to yourself. This helps you calm down immediately. Really works like a charm.

Right after the stress relieving step, notice the energy shift, which is indication of the stress being released. All the solutions mentioned can be used in any and all the situation that might be causing stress.

Few points used in Economic times page 21 date 11-03-2016

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