Excited About the Unknown

The moment I wrote this, I could feel my vibration just went up.

Have been scared, as to what has life got in store for you. Well, what you don’t know is usually, left to the imagination, mostly based on past experiences of yours and others.
Now, lets choose to be curious and excited instead, of the new.

Fear just brings you down, and excitement raises your energy.

It is true, other than the predictions that we know from some experts,

we know little or nothing about the future.

Let’s see our life as an adventure, a trek, a trip, one on which you have

never been before.

Some experiences might look/seem to be similar, some may seem to completely new.

Lets not be worried or scared of the unknown, unseen, unexpected any more,

instead  let’s be curious,

So just smile, rub your palms and ask your universe

“Hey……  What’s Next!”

Excited About the Unknown_IADLife Posts-2016


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