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Dear Friend!
When was the last time someone told you in words or gestures or both, that ‘it’ is not possible
when, you suggested a creative idea, a future plan or a protocol/process.
If you ever hear anyone say to you, ‘How is that ever POSSIBLE!’,
Point to the sky and show them the steel bird flying there and then, point down to the sea and show them iron house floating on it.
Do you think, anyone ever thought that was possible. Someone most certainly did.
Steel bird is the Aeroplane and Iron house is the Ship
Try something new. Start small. Start simple. Each of these as you will realise in time, were gigantic steps and a quantum leap
for you. You will know of this when suddenly you feel like doing new things and every problem seems to have a solution. Every difficulty is a learning experience. Everything new is exciting. Anything complex or complicated, for certain is solvable. Growth is regular, visible, easy and happening. Creative ideas flow and doing them is fun. Visualization and completion of each creative ideas is ecstatic.
‘It’s possible, it’s doable, let’s find a way’ – say it to yourself.
It will make sense to you or effect you when someone says, ‘you are right, this can be done.’ Other sentences as comments or gestures are not de-motivating, they are just not your language anymore.
Please remember ‘with great power comes great responsibility- some Spiderman movie.’ Be limitless, but be safe.
Be mindful of this -“You are healthy. You are happy. You are safe.”
Every innovator who has something new to show and share has taken that step that bifurcates towards another path that says, ‘it could be possible, it’s going to be great.’
Let’s make new experiences.
Thank you and best regards
Reena Yadav, IADLife


Your VISIBILITY is not with your eyes but with your beliefs

Dear Friend!

Your VISIBILITY is not with  your eyes but with your beliefs

What you see, you perceive, what you perceive you express, what you express is what you are convinced that you saw.

What you are convinced is directly based on the beliefs that you have.

Case study : G came home drunk, to find the gates of her building closed. When she asked the watchman to open the door, he rudely told her get sober and come back. She was enraged as the watchman was stopping access to her own home. she jumped the building gate after the watchman was gone, to get to her home. Next day when she complained to the building authorities, they suggested her to return before the building gate closing time. Basically she neither received support from them nor was the watchman reprimanded for his behavior. She was a single lady going through a divorce. She was coming home after an office party. She was judged because she was coming back drunk. Gossips started and many more stories started getting added to that. G stood her ground. only one women from the building stood up for her. This lady wonderfully pointed out, ‘how the whole issue was misconstrued. The watchman’s misbehavior with a building member was completely ignored, which is what needed to be addressed. She also pointed out that G is an adult and is taking responsibility of her actions and safety. Leaving her stranded outside of her own building nobody’s right. Insulting her by not supporting her is an unacceptable judgmental behavior.’ G asked the building people ‘would they have behaved the same with man returning drunk.’

Where do you think this judgmental behavior came from, the belief that people in the building held about women drinking, women working and women coming late from office or elsewhere.

Case Study : T got laid off and as time passed, T was seen more and more in the area and in a disturbed and shabby condition. His relatives and his neighbors started to call him ‘mentally unstable’.  This was the derivation of their beliefs. What they were seeing was a young man wasting his time and youth. The belief was that a boy/man has to have a job else is useless. The pressure of questions and not getting the job was pushing him into depression, and he was getting confused about his future. What he needed was guidance what to do with the ‘wait period’. Which he got from the life coaching sessions he decided to attend.

So now see with your eyes and by describing what you see ‘as is’. Set aside the perception and you will be lovingly surprised with this new clear visibility.

Thank you and best regards

Reena Yadav, IADLife

VISIBILITY is through beliefs.jpg

Begging is a form of ASKING

Dear friends!

Here in India you must have noticed beggars. Some are poor, sick, old or eunuchs. Have you ever cringed seeing them and their begging tactics and physical condition. Do you feel sad, get upset or angry or just irritated. Do you politely refuse or give. Or do you give or not give but add a piece of your mind or some words of wisdom, such as, “get a job”, “aren’t you ashamed of begging” or something to that effect.

What could be the reason behind your action.

Some do it out of fear that you might be cursed if you refuse or guilt of having more than them or plain dislike for the pathetic state that they demonstrate or represent.

When you were growing up what was the treatment you received whenever you asked for something!

Did you receive with RESPECT and easily and comfortably! Did you receive with contempt, disrespect, disgrace and/or with difficulty!

If you find it difficult or painful to remember. Consider ‘asking questions’. Notice how easily do you ask questions when you are in conversations e.g. in office, with family members or even complete strangers. The level of effort that is required for you to do that is directly proportional to the next question. How often have you been scolded for asking question/s?

All these are connected. Each time you are stopped or snubbed, you are ‘limited’. This limiting behavior becomes a ‘habit’. And thus starts your transformation towards aversion for asking. Every time you see you a beggar or encounter begging, all the limiting, insulting, saddening memories surface and are very hurtful.

If you were to know that

Begging is a form of ASKING.

It is safe to ask.

It is respectful to ask.

It is your right.

The moment you understand and acknowledge and register this, asking and giving becomes easy. The reverse transformation to you becoming ‘limitless’ happens.

Then every time someone is asking something of you or from you, the next step/action becomes your CHOICE. Give money, advice, your presence/existence, food, gifts, blessings or not give. You are safe. You are respected.

Please ASK.


‘Ask and it is given – Ester And Jerry Hicks’

Thank you and best regards

Reena Yadav, IADLife


VALUING vs poverty thinking

Dear friend !

Poverty thinking Vs Valuing 

There is always a chance of switching, crossing the line or even staying on either side of the line for longer time especially when according to your understanding they seem quite similar.

Answer the following in various important areas.

Health :

Have you ever been advised to finish the last morsel or two from your food plate, even if you are too full even to put another grain in your mouth?

Have you ever finished the last morsel or two from your food plate, even if you are too full even to put another grain in your mouth?

Wealth & Money :

Have you ever carried heavy stuff after the shopping to save few bucks in transportation, even though it leaves you with sore arms and legs?

Have you ever had righteous arguments with the cab or auto rickshaw (in India) drivers, where you refused to pay few extra bucks or when you did not get the balance in cost/fare back?

Love or Relationships :

Have you ever indulged or endured a relationship because of fear of missing out?

So if this poverty thinking. How do you switch to ‘valuing’ and make an informed choice.

Now PONDER over this. What kind of effect does it have on your health and your mind?

Look at the influence or the affect, these actions have on you. Note, your feelings.

Are you relieved or comfortable or calm. Or are you dissatisfied or uncomfortable or still agitated.

If your action leaves you or takes you to high vibration it is VALUING.

In the scenarios above, you are showing value and gratitude :

-To your health and your precious intestine when you don’t over eat

-To your peace of mind and dignity, when you make your point respectfully ‘that you deserve to get your money balance back’ and let go in case the request is not heard. Next time before boarding a public transportation you check if you have smaller denominations or inquire with the driver before hand about the money

-To your self respect and your love for self, when you recognise dis-respect in relationship and be willing to stand up for yourself and be open to where this action leads

In every situation and area in your life you have the right to choose. So decide on your choice, knowing what works best for you.

Thank you and best regards
Reena Yadav, IADLife


Working hard and working SMART

Dear Friend!

Hard work/working hard



It’s a choice. You can do either or both depending on your situations. Results are seen/achieved in both. Advantages can be in both. Both are right and both are correct.

Only thing you need, is to be mindful of where you can use which.

Smart work is always about putting more resources initially, to understand, to learn, to integrate in your space.

Hard work can be oxymoron’ly’ described as comparatively easy, known or familiar, many a times more satisfying.

For example sorting data manually in spread sheet versus writing macros in MS Excel, will require learning to code in Visual Basic Editor. After which the job gets done smoothly and fast. Also, the macro written can be reused for other similar jobs.

Advantage of doing smart work is you get to understand the process in detail and thus you find more effective way of getting it done. You learn something new and thus adds to your talent and skill. In many cases it is time and cost effective. Resources saved can be used for your other creative engagements and fun.

Another example is going a walk for an hour or running/walking for 20mins on treadmill. Here if you have knee related situations, you need fresh air or natural source of Vitamin D then you definitely need the walk. On some days if you have less time then you go for treadmill exercise.

Among the many other examples, cooking is also where these choices are applicable.  Using a gadget versus labor intensive manual work. Many would swear that manual work makes food tastier. It is suggested here that you assess your resources including health and then decide and choose cooking process.

Again, working hard and working smartly both are right and both are correct. Both get work done.

It’s a choice. You can do either or both depending on your situations. Results and advantages are seen/achieved in both. Only thing you need, is to be mindful of where you can use which. The combination of both working hard and working smart, fetches great benefits.

Thank you and best regards

Reena Yadav, IADLife


Loopholes are GOOD

Dear Friend!
Let’s start by understanding,
What are loopholes in this field?
Technically when you clear* and shield** yourself you feel comfortable, energetic, loving, calm. All these are high vibrational feelings and are indicative of that you are at high vibrational level.
*Clearing is a process of removing all the low level energies and replacing it with high level energies. This is done by energy healing. My personal favourite is Pranic Healing. **Shielding is a process of energetically protecting yourself at energy level. This is done by visualising and creating a transparent ball around you. This is the protective cover.
Have you ever felt that although you have shielded yourself but, you still are not at good vibrational level. Suddenly the energy level starts to drop and you start feeling agitated, irritated, angry, scared or weepy. All these are low vibrational feelings. So if you have protected yourself with these protective shield(s), why did you get into the low vibrations. This is because you inadvertently have thought or spoke or saw of the event, incident, person, thing that connects you to the low vibrational feelings. This inadvertent step is the ‘loophole’.
There you go, the mystery is solved. The shielding did not work or worked for a short time because of the ‘loophole(s)’, that in this case had been draining your energy and bring you to the low vibrational level.

So how can loopholes be good?
While affirming if you are constantly being interrupted by your conscious level blockages and resistance, it does not let you affirm in high vibration. However, because of regular practice, you are constantly repeating your beautiful affirmation(s) that you want to benefit from. At some point, you inadvertently  continue affirming but the blockage or resistance thoughts are missed out. While you are not consciously thinking of the blockage or resistance thoughts, this is the saving grace for your affirmations. This is the loophole in your thought that will work. The affirmation gets passed on your Universe/Source/God unhinged, uninterrupted and with clarity and therefore increases the chances of manifestation.

You see your desires coming true easily and it helps build you confidence in moving forward. You know that even though there are layers of thoughts that could be keeping you from lovingly moving forward, there are steps that are constantly in your favor and you need not do everything on your own.

So continue affirming.

Thank you and best regards
Reena Yadav, IADLife




Dear Friend!

What would you prefer :

Short term gains



For example ::

In relationships : Know this, it is not about underplaying or taking insults or selling yourself short just to get along.

Friendships: Suppose you are not getting your point through to your friend, even after repetitively mentioning about a certain issue. Your friend who is uncommunicative, incognito, not in the same phase or vibration as you, could either mis-understand you or is actually not understanding your point. For the sake of your long term friendship, you could give yourself and your friend some space and possibly some benefit of the doubt. you could ‘let go’ the issue, forgive yourself and your friend. If you still don’t feel at rest and wish to pursue the matter to understand and gather the learning in ‘the situation’, then please introspect i.e. self converse either by mirror work or tapping or both.

You get your learning and you need not confront such a situation again. If such situation(s) continue, please know that it’s time to move on from that friend.

Work Relationships : Many a times you would notice that either in a group meeting or in one on one discussion, a colleague vehemently puts the point and is not ready to hear your side at all or if your points are getting dismissed. If you think this colleague or the project or the group you are involved in, will be valuable for the future purposes, then you place your point in the most suitable manner you know how. Stand by your point, do your best to convince your point, keep the office decorum. If such incidents repeat or you have an understanding that your point is very important then escalate the matter to your senior focusing on your point only. Again, give yourself some space for your creative thinking and possibly some benefit of the doubt to both parties i.e. yourself and the other colleague(s), and either let go the matter, forgive yourself and your colleague(s) or if you still don’t feel at rest and you wish to pursue the matter to understand and gather the learning in ‘the situation’, then please introspect i.e. self converse either by mirror work or tapping or both.

Acquaintance : This is the best relationship to practice the ‘letting go’, forgiveness, giving the benefit of the doubt, for there is less attachment and therefore more chance to give a chance for the relationship to flourish.

Health : When you have sweet cravings during a diet that has no allocation of artificial sweets. You can have sweet dry fruits like fig, raisins or fresh fruits. Your desire for immediate pleasure may satisfy you momentarily but in the long run you would get into guilt. Instead of not exercising at all because of the early morning sweet sleep, you could snooze the alarm once in a while but do get up after the second snooze goes off and go do what is good for your body and mind.

Money : Be it trading, mutual funds, Fixed Deposits, Recurring FDs, purchase of estate or gold.  This ‘saying’ makes clear sense here. Where to invest, how much amount to invest and when to withdraw. Having good knowledge of the scheme and/or by having the right consultant or expert by your side, you can make a profitable choice.

In Business/work : Instead of being strict and stringent about a certain way and type in business, you could get flexible and get foresighted and assess where it could lead or help in your business.

In all, in every thing once in a while you could take a step back and reassess whether the action is fulfilling your necessity of short term quick gains or would it be useful and necessary in the long term as a fruitful investment.

Thank you and best regards

Reena Yadav, IADLife