VALUING vs poverty thinking

Dear friend !

Poverty thinking Vs Valuing 

There is always a chance of switching, crossing the line or even staying on either side of the line for longer time especially when according to your understanding they seem quite similar.

Answer the following in various important areas.

Health :

Have you ever been advised to finish the last morsel or two from your food plate, even if you are too full even to put another grain in your mouth?

Have you ever finished the last morsel or two from your food plate, even if you are too full even to put another grain in your mouth?

Wealth & Money :

Have you ever carried heavy stuff after the shopping to save few bucks in transportation, even though it leaves you with sore arms and legs?

Have you ever had righteous arguments with the cab or auto rickshaw (in India) drivers, where you refused to pay few extra bucks or when you did not get the balance in cost/fare back?

Love or Relationships :

Have you ever indulged or endured a relationship because of fear of missing out?

So if this poverty thinking. How do you switch to ‘valuing’ and make an informed choice.

Now PONDER over this. What kind of effect does it have on your health and your mind?

Look at the influence or the affect, these actions have on you. Note, your feelings.

Are you relieved or comfortable or calm. Or are you dissatisfied or uncomfortable or still agitated.

If your action leaves you or takes you to high vibration it is VALUING.

In the scenarios above, you are showing value and gratitude :

-To your health and your precious intestine when you don’t over eat

-To your peace of mind and dignity, when you make your point respectfully ‘that you deserve to get your money balance back’ and let go in case the request is not heard. Next time before boarding a public transportation you check if you have smaller denominations or inquire with the driver before hand about the money

-To your self respect and your love for self, when you recognise dis-respect in relationship and be willing to stand up for yourself and be open to where this action leads

In every situation and area in your life you have the right to choose. So decide on your choice, knowing what works best for you.

Thank you and best regards
Reena Yadav, IADLife


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