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INNER beauty reflects outer BEAUTY

Dear Friends!

I love love love the outer BEAUTY ….. because … reflects the ….INNER Beauty
Have you seen the forest how beautiful and serene the flora and fauna looks. The xylem, pholem that is part of the plant or a single animal cell which is the part of the animal at the inside level, are creative beauty. Have you seen a snow flake it’s so beautiful and so is the snow.
External beauty reflects the inner beauty. Only a healthy mind and body can have beautiful outer demeanor.
Similarly, a beautiful architectural monument has robust foundation. A cinema that you can enjoy, appreciate or even get inspired from has a well planned, organised and diligent set of talented and skilled people doing their part to their best. An athlete that performs well in a sports event has many hours of practice and routine which is the combination of discipline, hard work and smart work.

So love your outer self too because it only reflects your inner changes. It does not make you vain. If you have been working towards changing your life and have been asking yourself if you are doing it right. Just pay attention to the comments from outsiders based on their observations about you, as you appear on the outside.
Many a times, what you desire to have or what you wish to change comes more slowly than you anticipated. So instead of getting nervous or disappointed or even giving up, see the manifestations on the outside. Know that your changes are happening and your desires are manifesting, which could be noted from the visible evidences as the behavioral changes in yourself and others, material things you gained or your own outer appearance.

As you make changes in your inner self, result are seen on the outside too.
So love your outer beauty, it is reflecting your inner beauty, it does not make you superficial. It makes you observant and appreciative and grateful.

Thank you and best regards

Reena Yadav, IADLife



Venture for Opportunities

Venture for opportunities where approval flows in abundance

Dear friends!

When you receive approval as piecemeal or in small quantities or not at all, the vibration is low and it effects the outcome. Results are not satisfactory and/or fun.
Vibrations are high when approval is flowing with ease. Results are awesome. It is therefore a good idea that you could look for opportunities where approval and love flows seamlessly.

The opportunities are in everything e.g. relationship, career , money.

Ponder over it, when a love relationship requires too much effort to get that few minutes of loving attention, it is riddled with resistance and even the few moments of love is embedded with fear of ‘it’ getting over or being taken away.

In job, if there is insult, humiliation, misconduct, dis-respect then this is all forms of dis-approval. What kind of opportunities do you think, will come your way here. Will they boost your morale and self respect and self esteem? Will they help you excel and function to your best of your potential ? Ofcourse not.

Similarly, if you give approval to your own self in a miserly manner and self criticize and self blame or conditionally praise yourself then, you will not attract beautiful fun experiences.

You will attract beautiful life experiences easily and frequently only when you are generous in showing love, respect and affection to your own self first. Life is smooth and full of experiences that are beyond your wildest desires and expectations.

So love and approve a lot and without resistance. Receive love and approval with equal or more ease.
Best wishes
Reena Yadav, IADLife

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Uncertainty vs FLEXIBILITY


Dear Friend!
Uncertainty vs Flexibility
Are you concerned that your flexible attitude is misunderstood and you have been declared as uncertain. Do people take you for granted, knowing that you are flexible. What would be the difference, does this mean that people are saying that you are unreliable.
Let’s understand this better.
If you go to a restaurant and order
a) whatever the chef suggests, that’s ‘Uncertain’
b) whatever is the chef’s special in the vegetarian starters, that’s ‘Flexible’
Therefore, knowing or having clarity on what you desire specifically but are willing to sway a bit, without being stringent or strict about it, is Flexible.
Let’s look at Flexibility in various areas (some examples):
In relationships : you are willing to look for the attributes, not the person.
In Health : you are willing to have a healthy meal vs a particular cuisine or exercise which helps to achieve your goal rather than a particular type of exercise that may or may not contribute to your final goal.
In Money : you are wiling to receive from known unknown sources, under grace.
In Job : you are willing to have job that suits your qualifications and a salary bracket you desire, so you could get a job in the company you desire or any other place.
You are uncertain only when you are unclear.
When you have the clarity on your desires and/or the next step, and you are willing to receive that or ‘something higher’, that is FLEXIBLE.
Flexible is fun and has curiosity of unknown, keeps you calm, shows that you have faith and most important of all allows you to lovingly release to the universe and not interfere by doubtful questions and allow yourself to manifest sooner and in high vibration.
Thank you and best regards
Reena Yadav, IADLife


excuse system to ‘SUPPORT SYSTEM’

Dear Friend!

Move Child(ren), Spouse/Partner, Relative(s), Yourself from excuse system to ‘SUPPORT SYSTEM’.

Relationship are of two kinds. One that gets associated with you as soon as you are born and the other one you create. You are in relationship for learning, loving, having fun and karma balancing. The universe brings and aligns all the people in your space, that will contribute in completion of your life purpose, while you are on this planet. There are two final aims of any life purpose, ‘Love’ and ‘Peace’. The people with whom you need to settle past karma, are placed closest to you in your relationships. So if there are people in your relationship that are causing frustration and irritation, know this that you are brought together here to learn from each other and to balance your karma. Running from them, avoiding them, cutting them off does not serve the purpose of this alignment. And if you have done this or if you are planning to do so, you need to know that you will keep having people with similar attributes and characteristics till you finish your learning.

Please know that your safety and dignity comes first.

Sometimes, the relationships teach you just that. And that is to recognise that you need to respect, care and value yourself.

The learning that you need to learn from these relationship are very simple, they are constantly prompting you towards self-love, self-respect, self-care, self-forgiveness.

So, instead of using the relationship as an excuse you could make them your support system.

Now a home maker or a busy parent could go for a run with her kids. This way there is healthy interaction with the kids and there is good exercise too. A really difficult parent, in-law, teacher, boss could be an indicator for you to practice looking for things to be grateful in the relationship, thus practicing gratitude and increasing blessings in your life.

May your support system increase in leaps and bounds.

Thank you and best regards

Reena Yadav, IADLife