Uncertainty vs FLEXIBILITY


Dear Friend!
Uncertainty vs Flexibility
Are you concerned that your flexible attitude is misunderstood and you have been declared as uncertain. Do people take you for granted, knowing that you are flexible. What would be the difference, does this mean that people are saying that you are unreliable.
Let’s understand this better.
If you go to a restaurant and order
a) whatever the chef suggests, that’s ‘Uncertain’
b) whatever is the chef’s special in the vegetarian starters, that’s ‘Flexible’
Therefore, knowing or having clarity on what you desire specifically but are willing to sway a bit, without being stringent or strict about it, is Flexible.
Let’s look at Flexibility in various areas (some examples):
In relationships : you are willing to look for the attributes, not the person.
In Health : you are willing to have a healthy meal vs a particular cuisine or exercise which helps to achieve your goal rather than a particular type of exercise that may or may not contribute to your final goal.
In Money : you are wiling to receive from known unknown sources, under grace.
In Job : you are willing to have job that suits your qualifications and a salary bracket you desire, so you could get a job in the company you desire or any other place.
You are uncertain only when you are unclear.
When you have the clarity on your desires and/or the next step, and you are willing to receive that or ‘something higher’, that is FLEXIBLE.
Flexible is fun and has curiosity of unknown, keeps you calm, shows that you have faith and most important of all allows you to lovingly release to the universe and not interfere by doubtful questions and allow yourself to manifest sooner and in high vibration.
Thank you and best regards
Reena Yadav, IADLife


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