Venture for Opportunities

Venture for opportunities where approval flows in abundance

Dear friends!

When you receive approval as piecemeal or in small quantities or not at all, the vibration is low and it effects the outcome. Results are not satisfactory and/or fun.
Vibrations are high when approval is flowing with ease. Results are awesome. It is therefore a good idea that you could look for opportunities where approval and love flows seamlessly.

The opportunities are in everything e.g. relationship, career , money.

Ponder over it, when a love relationship requires too much effort to get that few minutes of loving attention, it is riddled with resistance and even the few moments of love is embedded with fear of ‘it’ getting over or being taken away.

In job, if there is insult, humiliation, misconduct, dis-respect then this is all forms of dis-approval. What kind of opportunities do you think, will come your way here. Will they boost your morale and self respect and self esteem? Will they help you excel and function to your best of your potential ? Ofcourse not.

Similarly, if you give approval to your own self in a miserly manner and self criticize and self blame or conditionally praise yourself then, you will not attract beautiful fun experiences.

You will attract beautiful life experiences easily and frequently only when you are generous in showing love, respect and affection to your own self first. Life is smooth and full of experiences that are beyond your wildest desires and expectations.

So love and approve a lot and without resistance. Receive love and approval with equal or more ease.
Best wishes
Reena Yadav, IADLife

Where the approval does not flow in abundance.jpg

1 thought on “Venture for Opportunities

  1. Vijayashree Achar

    This year was a great year. I look back each seconds, minutes, hours, days, months and finally the year passed though.
    I got introduced to IADLife.

    It was a great year of learning lot from good and bad experiences.
    But factor that is “STRENGTH” which I got to face all of them.
    I am greatful for myself because I am learning and analyzing to manage situations in better way.

    Overall ” It’s A Deserving Life” For me.
    Hence started looking forward always with POSITIVE ATTITUDE which is becoming my habit in my life.

    With this All aspects of my life turn into good ones.

    I am very much greatful and thankful to IADLife, Reena and Dineshji.

    I am happy to welcome the New year with great opportunities flowing in and to have a great Zeal always.

    Wish IADLife and Reena a very Happy New Year 2017.

    With Love Vijayashree and Family.


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