INNER beauty reflects outer BEAUTY

I love love love the outer BEAUTY. Because it reflects the INNER Beauty.
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Dear Friends!

I love love love the outer BEAUTY. Because it reflects the INNER Beauty.The forest has beautiful and serene flora and fauna on the exterior. At the micro level that is, the inside the xylem & phloem which is part of the plant and a single animal cell which is the part of the animal, are creative marvels. A single snowflake is so beautiful and so is the snow.The external beauty reflects the inner beauty. Only a healthy mind and body can have a beautiful outer demeanor. A beautiful architectural monument has a robust foundation which is on the inside. A cinema that you can enjoy, appreciate or even get inspired by has a well-planned, organised and diligent set of talented and skilled set of people doing their part to their best in the background. An athlete that performs well in a sports event has many hours of practice and routine which is the combination of discipline, hard work, and smart work.So love your outer self too because it only reflects what is happening in the inside that is your inner work. It is not vanity. If you have been working towards changing your life and have been asking yourself if you are doing it right then, just pay attention to your mood, your behavior, your health, your manners, and your interactions.  Many have been bred, fostered, and brought up with a rule that you are not supposed to praise your own self. You were not allowed to be proud. Self-glorification was gloating. You suppress and curb the urge, the opportunity, your enthusiasm and excitement to mention about your triumphs, your successes, and your wins. Even if you surpass this resistance and blockage that is ingrained in your mind and space in the form of behavior and instructions, the upbringing still makes you question your action. So you stop. You do it reluctantly, with fear and eventually, you start agreeing with it. This very soon becomes part of your behavior. There are many disadvantages to this. The most damming drawback of this behavior is that it keeps you from noticing your victories, what you are doing right, what you can appreciate, what is in your benefit, and what is in your favor. If they are small or subtle according to you, then mentioning them even to your own self, triggers irritation, frustration, confusion and you dismiss it as silly or insignificant. And the others who appreciate it, you judge them poorly. And when you praise others you see it as inauthentic, and you run the risk of being ridiculed or being misconstrued.  By the time you come across your larger and ‘cannot be ignored’, achievements you are already in the habit of not appreciating. Outer expressions of achievements appear as narcissism, arrogance, unnecessary or not good enough to qualify to get that response of exhilaration. Approval runs low in every way. The aftermath of this is you start to miss out on what you have, what you have achieved, all that has been done, and all that is praiseworthy. Your attention is on the mistakes, all that is pending, what ifs, and complains. This has been the reason why it always has been or had seemed to you that you never have enough, that you never have done enough, your quality is not at par to the other(s). You are jealous and envious. You tend to compare with people who you presume to get it easy, you underestimate their efforts, have doubt and an opinion on that. You badger and keep questioning yourself, ‘what more can I do?’, ‘what am I doing wrong’, and ‘what other preparation do I need?’ The self-doubt reflects in the way you anticipate your work is being assessed by others. And as you do that, you will have the same attitude towards the person who is servicing, catering or providing to you. All this miscommunication, misinterpretation, and misunderstanding create and are responsible for misdirected manifestation which is misapprehended as ‘delayed manifestation.’Change is possible.       A slight nudge in the habit and/or behavior towards the appreciation of what is visibly achieved, can re-calibrate your brain and focus towards all that you have been doing already, all that is good, all that is beneficial and advantageous in your life. Do it as a mandatory exercise. In everything that is bothersome find out what is the point of appreciation and fun that you can somehow excavate out. This promotes you to take your attention towards prosperous, progressive, constructive, creative ideas, processes, concepts and thinking that add to efficiency. This enhances quality, satisfaction, and enjoyment. In this state, there is good visibility of what is effective and efficient. Now you do what pleases you rather than what seemed like an obligation. The moment you see something you appreciate you will be able to backtrack all the creative ideas that contributed to make that happen. This increases your perception towards growth and what works rather than doubt and what is possibly amiss in your efforts. You will be a genius for spotting the appreciation points in others, and not tell yourself that it is inane or stupid because only you are comfortable with what many others had yet to recognise. Spotting the diamond in the rough is your new added ability. And now if what you desire to have or what you wish to change comes more slowly than you expected then, instead of getting nervous, disappointed or even giving up, notice the manifestations on the outside. How are you at the feelings level? Do you see signs, guidance or messages that it is about to happen?  What behavioral changes in yourself and others do you observe? What material things have you gained? How is your own outer appearance changing?. As you note them know that the changes are happening and your desires are manifesting. As you make changes in your inner self, the result is seen on the outside too.So love your outer beauty, it is reflecting your inner beauty, it does not make you superficial. It makes you observant and appreciative and grateful.   Do more creative things or maybe choose to have a peaceful rest. You start by observing the results and that takes you to efforts put in and then reverse back to the outcome. Appreciation and approval are on the rise. You now always looking for what has worked and therefore, moving your life trajectory to upward forward direction. Affirmation: “I am ENOUGH.”

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Thank You and Best Wishes
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