Dear Friend!

The expression “to kick someone when one is down” has an underlying understanding that one that is kicking has an upper hand than the one that is being kicked.

There is a word for such people ‘bullies’. Bothering people knowing very well that the retaliation will be minimal or nill, is the pre-requisite for a bully to function. Another word for such people in Hindi (Indian Language) is ‘goonda’. The notion is that these goondas or bullies are more powerful  or more superior. But this is far from the truth. This outer demeanor of the bully or the goonda, stems from their insecurity and inner weakness.

These bullies are everywhere. They are recognised as anyone who is suppressing someone using their characteristics, like shyness or not able to stand up/speak up for oneself, to their advantage and thus leveraging it against the lesser beings.

Some keep this act at all times, as they are left with no choice. These people are in constant threat to become a victim, if they decide let go being a bully.

Some others switch to this role based on situation. For example parents become one when they are using shortcuts like ‎corporal punishment, verbal imposing of fear to get work out of their little ones (even if it is to keep them safe). Teachers become one as they take refuge in this transformation to deal with the immense pressure of handling other’s kids and that too so naughty and so many of them.

The most important bully/goonda in your life is YOU yourself. Every time you feel low or lost and you are looking for a friend or guide, you end up encountering a potraj*.

The Potraj* are street performers, are a tribe that hail from the western state of Maharashtra, they follow grueling profession of smacking themselves with heavy whips made out of woven coir or leather.

Please don’t be that bully/goonda.

When you are down instead of self criticism, self blame, self teasing, self judging or self hurting, how about from now on you become your best supporter and protector. Boost yourself, promote yourself, listen to yourself, talk to yourself. Don’t use shortcuts on yourself, instead show patience and kindness to yourself.

And then extend this to others.

Thank you and best regards

Reena Yadav, IADLife



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