Confrontation vs Introspection

Dear friends!
I don’t believe in confrontation…..I believe in introspection
So I self counsel, talk and listen to myself.
‘Charity begins at home’ similarly ‘change begins within’. This comes by introspection. Introspection is ‘self discussion’.
Confrontation is ‘discussion with the other party’. The other party could be a person or people. If you insist on changing some situation in your life by addressing  the other party to discuss your issues, you will still need to introspect.
Point being made here is that, if you think venting out to concerned party helps, then you need to know that this relief has short life span. Argument could be, how would the other party know what is that you are going through. Maybe the person will not know or realise. But the real question is that what is your true aim? To make the person you are confronting aware of what you are going through or would you actually like to solve your situation and to feel better and be happy.
In confrontation you have just transferred the information in that person’s space, without any guarantee that your situation may change for better. There is a possibility that the person/people you confront retaliates or confronts back. There is also a possibility that the person does not retaliate. This could be because the other party genuinely is not responsible for your hurt or did not mean to hurt you, and you may end up spoiling your relationship(s). Also, it is possible that other party loves you enough and respects the relationship you both share and therefore, does not want to extend the issue, but may feel sad and bitter about this confrontation. Another possibility could be that the other person really does not know how to defend oneself, and you come out as a bully. Confrontation without prior introspection, never gives the permanent solutions.

Introspection actually helps you gain clear understanding of your situation. From the clarity about the situation action steps surface to solve the situation. Introspection contributes in understanding the ‘learning’ in your situation.  Once the lessons are ‘learnt’ from a situation, same situation will not come in your life again and thus solves this situation in your life for ever. 

Stand up for yourself, defend yourself. Even this can be done in a better manner after introspection. Introspection with mirror work and/or EFT (tapping), is extremely effective. It reduces stress and tension.

In confrontation you lose your energy. Even mental confrontation, where you are arguing/fighting with the other party when he/she/they are physically not in your space, is exhausting.

Introspection is a great practice to connect with yourself. Introspection results in self discovery. Introspection is an internal investigation that will fetch you more profits and dividends than you can anticipate.

As you practice introspection on regular basis, you start to notice many of your inner power like your intuitiveness, your creative ideas flowing and you being able to accept guidance on self love.

Thank you and best regards

Reena Yadav, IADLife

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