Desire Breakthroughs Don’t Ask for a Break

Dear friends!

What do you mean, when you are ‘asking for a break’.
Asking for a break means you feel the need to disconnect and move away from what is not working in your life, even if the disconnect or distancing you seek is temporary.
It could be work in hand, at home or in an office.
It could be relationship situation that you have been trying to solve. It could be health goals that seem to getting further and further away, regardless of your efforts.
In this situation you are overwhelmed with the thoughts, feelings and emotions that are not contributing to the solution.
Low energy, stress, tension, anger are the ‘vibration lowering agents’ that arise from the above mentioned situations, and could take a toll on you.
Sometimes you take for a break because you have been victorious, whether it is successful completion of something or something gets solved. It could be a phase, project, task or something in relationship.
If you are celebrating, it is not a break. It is connection or continuity to the next step.
Next time you desire a break, ask for a ‘BREAKTHROUGH’.
Ask for breakthroughs in situations whether it is problem, blockage or difficulty in task, persistent relationship issues that are bogging you down, health situations you wish to change.
Taking a break is disconnecting. Breakthrough connects you to the next step, which is the way forward.
Breakthrough gives hope, solution, relief, rest, change that entrusts seeing the next step and the problematic situation in new light.
Breakthroughs could be to adding new skills when you feel stagnated in a job or stuck in a position without promoting evaluation.
A breakthrough is when you take time off and sleep to rest. Start a new day with a new fresh energy. Be mindful to note the new suggestions your mind and thoughts give in the form of intuitions, to deal with the situation(s) that are bothering.
Introducing or increasing faith, learning and actually forgiving, trusting the divine timing, heed and carry out the divine guidance sincerely, to be attentive to your health, would be the breakthrough you require in situation when your observe that your relationship had not manifested as desired. This could be a tall order, but this is a breakthrough. Taking a break and coming back to the same situations again and again could keep the situation status quo. Breakthrough in health is in the form of new solutions if the earlier ones were not fun or effective.
Asking for a break indicates running away from something that is not working.
Breakthrough denotes marching towards something that will make your situations in life work.
So if you do decide to desire, choose to focus on breakthroughs.

May your future be full of magical breakthroughs.

Thank you and best regards

Reena Yadav, IADLife



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