Generous people are Content people

Dear friend!

People who have and what people have, belongs to them.
Giving is a personal choice. Many a times this choice is influenced by others dictation.
When and only when you decide to part with what is yours out of your free will, it is only then you are GENEROUS in true sense.
What truly prompts you to be generous, is the faith that you will be taken care of even when your resources leave your space. When this action of giving is coaxed, coerced, cajoled, by manipulation, your intelligent self knows that you can give yourself that choice to give away your resources, at that time. But as you take that step, your feeling of lack with this action starts to replace the space created by your giving.
When you give anything that is yours and you still feel you have enough, that is the state of contentment.
When you are content then you are GENEROUS. When you give out of generosity you enjoy, have fun and relish the sweet joy of giving.
So what do you do? To give or not to give!
Do you wait till you feel content? How would you know what it is to feel content? How long can you wait till that feeling surfaces for you to start giving?
Well the answer is ‘do as you please?’
No one can make you give away what you do not wish to give away. If you are made to give, a) Make it your choice – how? ‘Say this to yourself that you are willing to give this a try.’
b) Give something to yourself – what? Appreciation, approval, something you love or/and affirmation “Thank you. I give this with love, joy and grace. May I receive in multi-fold. Thank you.”
Change is immediate but to some it seems gradual, because it depends on your willingness to accept the change.
These actions trains you to be content. Choose to recognise this change.

Being content is the ultimate feeling.

Thank you and best regards

Reena Yadav, IADLife







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