CareGiver need to take care of themselves first

People who take up the responsibility of taking care of others, are the ones who take care of themselves the most. This is the true form of care giving. True nature of a care giver.

Dear Friends!

When you travel in an aeroplane, during the safety demo you are advised to put on your oxygen mask first, before you help anyone else. ( reference :

As care givers your schedule revolves around the one you are taking care of. This could be a health or welfare necessity. But you still can include your schedule of nutrition, health, skill building, entertainment, earning in your care giving schedule.

Care giving is for anyone who could need your help. If you are taking care of children, students, the sick, the sad, the depressed, animal, environment and/or oneself, this qualifies for you to be called a care giver.

Care givers are each one of you. As one time or the other you get a chance to be one. Some are temporary care givers and others are care givers for longer, either by profession or by relation.

You don’t need to feel less of a care giver if you slip or give attention to your schedule too. Please …please keep your energy level high. Watch and read fun, uplifting movies, videos and books. Talk in a language that reflects what you really …really want.

Take care of yourself. We need more of loving care givers on this planet.

Thank you and best regards

Reena Yadav, IADLife


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