Fear is not REAL

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Dear friend!

Always always, be aware of fear and worry. These two things are not real. Ironically the impact of them is immense. Both act as vicious chain reaction to each other. Fear gives rise to worry and worry increases fear.

These arise from series of situations or life experiences that you had found really difficult to handle. Maybe not first time. Maybe a little the second time. But the next time, the memory reminds how tough the after effects were. And thus, is the birth of worry. Eventually it starts to get difficult to manage, especially with the memory of the past difficulties piling up.  Each time same or similar situation arises, the stacked up memory gets into motion and is responsible for the worry to surface. Worry reminds you that you need to be afraid. Recognise this. Fear is a behaviour. Worry is a habit. What you do because of worry and fear is your choice. Do you stop yourself? Do you take impulsive action?

Unless you decide to recognise these are unreal, you will continue to procrastinate, avoid, play small, not explore, not trust and/or make excuses.

Making something as unreal as fear and worry  to be an integral part of the life and a deciding factor in many of your life’s decisions, is very unfair to your beautiful life.

These two are lower vibrations entities.  Every desire that has fear and/or worry as it’s adjuncts does not manifest in a high vibration result and thus is ‘not fun’.

Uncalled manifestation of physical diseases, headaches, heavy head, hair fall, hyper tension, acidity, aches and pain in various part of the body- calf muscles, upper-lower back, are because of fear and worry.

Once you recognise it. How do you stop from allowing them to interfere in your decision making?

Please as the very first step, work on releasing stress. If you can step away, go for a short or long walk, listen to a music that lifts your mood, do EFT or tapping, energy healing (clearing of back solar plexus). If for some reasons you are unable to move away from the scene, start thinking and saying incessantly ‘All is good’,’ All will work out’, ‘Everything will keep getting better and better.’

The moment you calm down, take your next step in action.

Make this your practice to start eliminating anything that is causing you not to enjoy your actions steps in life.

This is practice. This is work. Make it your habit.

Thank you and best regards

Reena Yadav, IADLife



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