I believe in myself

I don’t need to prove myself to others, I believe in myself, So I listen to myself

Dear Friends!

Every action taken, keeping several others in mind is too much work.
‘What to say?’
‘How to say?’
‘What body language to have?’
‘How to behave?’
‘What and where to wear?’
‘What to do?’
‘How to do?’
‘What will he/she/they think?’
Are these the conversations that goes on in your mind before any action? This means you are constantly trying to prove yourself to one or many.
Before every action you could still ask these questions as your guidelines to the next step or to decide on the details of an action. However, these questions must be addressed/directed within. Consult yourself on whys, whens, hows and whats of your action. Only what you feel and how you feel about the action matters.
Present these question(s) to yourself in front of mirror and/or while you sit with a pen and paper to note down the replies in the form of thoughts, conversations, lyrics or a write up that catches your attention from somewhere. The more you get into discussing these question(s) with yourself, the better you get to know the true level of your capability.
As you follow these consults, even if it is a bit difficult to follow initially, you will see and experience, the result of following those guidance in the form of prosperity in your life, first hand.

As you start getting comfortable listening and following your internal guidance. You will free yourself from the behavior of pleasing others. Amazingly, you will also become comfortable in taking feedback, comments and advice from others in a respectful and constructive manner. Thus, adding to the prosperity of the action.

This applies to all actions small and big. Start with small actions or just take a leap with the big ones. For action that is a big one, for you, will need you to dig deeper within. This is to get the right answers, as you need to remember the superficial thoughts and feelings are still influenced by your care and concern of your peer(s).

Regardless of the effort, the process is beneficial for you.

Thank you and best regards
Reena Yadav, IADLife



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