Motivation helps to face the problem

Too much of criticism makes you a quitter and runner.

Only MOTIVATION makes you stand up and face the problem

Please do share with all those who you think could benefit from it.

Blog :

Dear Friend!

Do you feel you are a runner or a quitter!

Have you wondered why did you become this!

In retrospection, do you see yourself being criticised or snubbed by someone significant or influential in your life, when you decided to take an action, whether it was about exploring something, expanding your experiences or merely sharing an opinion. If so? What happened next? Did you revisit the request, suggestion, discussion or with supportive comment. Or did you give up. If so? Why? Did the past experiences of snubbing or criticism steal your thunder and emotionally cajoled you into not taking that action.

No action, no life experience.

No life experience, no growth.

Life feels stranded.

You end up quitting every time ‘situation gets tough’ or if you ‘sense it might be tough’. You run in every occasion of adverse condition.

At this stage, all this happens because of self-criticism and/or fear of criticism from others. As a result you are dissatisfied all the time. You tend to feel you have not done enough. You keep looking for ways and means to do more. Yet you never feel adequate or that you have reached your goal.

Switch to ‘MOTIVATION’.

Promote yourself to explore, expand and take ACTION. Fill your life with beautiful experiences.

Notice the increase in your confidence level to face your life situations. Find solutions. Live your life with new vigor.

Now if you are comfortable, support to do the same for others.

Thank you and best regards

Reena Yadav, IADLife


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