Seek alignment of loving feelings

We are all seeking alignment, whether they are – Loving feelings Or Crappy feelings

Dear Friend!

What do you notice in the following :

*A lone man enter a restaurant and the waiter smiles and greets him. Suggests him a seating and continues to pleasantly discuss how can he and the restaurant serve him. Now the man smiles back saying polite words. Waiter looks pleased by his efforts and customer’s reciprocation.

*A teacher scolding a 11 year old student. The child continues to smile. The teacher increases the intensity of the verbal scolding. The smile on the student’s face starts to disappear. Teacher then makes few more statements and stops, looking satisfied.

*Two men caught in a brawl in the middle of a street have their hands on each others collar and neck, are shouting at each other to make their point. Even after people separate them, they part mumbling in air looking irritated.

*A group of teenagers meet for a lunch dressed to their best in a restaurant they have been desiring to visit in a long time. The moment they meet at the entrance, they start to jump in a circle and laugh and talk all at once. The pitch and decibel of the sound and their excitement of the whole group seemed very high.

Did you notice, how each participant in all the cases above, relentlessly kept pursuing the gesture till the other participant would start to reciprocate in the similar manner.
Whether the situations were angry, sad, intense or happy, serene, fun, any one participant did not feel satisfied till they brought the other participant to the same/similar vibration which was reflected through their behavior in body language or verbal language.

Do you do that? Have you done that?
i.e. Kept entertaining people till they look pleased.
Kept on pushing an argument till the other person gets equally or more agitated.

Why do you do that?
What could be the compulsion of getting the other person to your vibration.
Well the answer is ‘you do this because you feel less understood or approved when people don’t respond in a way as if your point is being understood’. This is seeking alignment.

What if you know that you need not keep trying to get someone’s approval, you just make your point and be confident that you have done your best. You are also open to other options like listening to their opinion, moving on or negotiation.

Now if you are at the receiving end, you could stand up for yourself by placing your points in a calm manner and under all conditions you do not get sucked into the whirlpool of the low vibrations by being aware of what the situation is. You could give the other person benefit of the doubt i.e. you know the reason why the person behaves like that while that person does not. Know that sometimes it is not the right time to get into counter arguments. In case you are unable to move on and you do get the low vibration discussions. It’s kool. That happened. As soon as you realise the situation, be willing to change.

Others change when you change.

Please know that you are constantly doing this to yourself. So, the alignment you are seeking, let it be the pleasant one.

Reena Yadav, IADLife

Seek alignment of loving feelings.jpg

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