Value your manager – ‘your conscience’

Value your manager – ‘your conscience’

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Dear friend!

Your first manager is/are your parent(s).

As you grow older your manager might change. The way you are managed changes. Either someone else manages you or you manage you.

However, your only manager that is consistent and is also an integral part of you is ‘your conscience’. Your conscience is your permanent manager. Your conscience tells you when you are lagging. Your conscience pushes you towards where you need to go. Your conscience pulls you away from where you are not suppose to venture. Your conscience gives you constant reminder when you stray. Your conscience communicates with you through your thoughts and feelings. Your conscience is the constant conversation within that is a continuous relay of information and guidance. Your conscience does not mind your outbursts, irritation or your frustrations. Your conscience does not get biased or deterred by your caress or excuses.

Your conscience is not judgmental of your actions or reactions. Your conscience is not distracted by other’s flattery, sweet words or by other’s harsh words, high decibel.

Your conscience conveys the ultimate answers.

Stay connected with your conscience. Simple breathing and writing exercises will strength the bond between you and your conscience.

You could do easy or deep breathing, where you observe exhaling and inhaling of your breath. You could do that while you focus on a candle light, color or paint or you could follow PRANAYAMA. In Pranayama, you are inhaling in from left nostril only and exhaling from right. Then inhaling from right nostril only and exhaling from left. This is one round. You could do 5 to 15 to 25 rounds at once. Get into this breathing process according to the time you have and when you are not operating any machinery. You could decide to keep your eyes open or close your eyes, as per your convenience. Before you start this conscious breathing, just ask yourself a question for which you seek an answer.

Your thoughts start to surface. They are in words in mind or written somewhere, numbers, scenes from onscreen or reality. Make a note. Analyse it in a while. Value these self messages and practice getting a deeper connection with self.

May you get all the answers and guidance you are seeking.

Thank you Best regards .

Reena Yadav, IADLife



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