make difficult COMFORTABLE

I don’t say I am  comfortable with difficult.

But I sure do want to make difficult COMFORTABLE.

Dear friend!

Healing process sure does seem like an uphill task. Every process and action during healing is encountered by resistance, blockages and old beliefs that make the healing work ‘difficult’. All this difficulty makes the healing process look like ‘a lot of work’, but please know this that ‘you are definitely worth it.’

Whether you see it as a challenge or take it as one, you are expecting it to be difficult. For those who are dedicated to changing their lives, would be willing to accept ‘difficult’ as a part of the healing process. That does not by any way mean that you have to be comfortable with healing process being ‘difficult.’

When you are doing the work continuously and honestly, you see the results towards what you desire. You will notice that you are getting comfortable with the steps.

Consistently, diligently, passionately, lovingly keep practicing. This will convert anything that is difficult into COMFORTABLE.

Having said that please know that healing process(s) is all about understanding and carrying out the steps. What you think is ‘difficult’ is the pain you endure, confusion you get entangled in, the uncertainty of manifestation and the time it takes. In reality, healing process is like language, project or adventure. And just like any new skill and talent, the more you practice the better you get at it. And eventually it becomes seamlessly a part of your everyday routine. And before you realise it, you start to ace it. This builds your confidence and are able to take another healing step easily.

Take your healing process as an adventure and explore it.

Thank you Best regards .

Reena Yadav, IADLife




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