• From attributes not from people
  • From patterns not from experiences
  • From pain not from learning
  • From lethargy not from prosperity
  • From fear not from abundance
  • From procrastination not from work
  • From declutter not from clearing
  • From depression not from hope
  • From desperation not from inspiration
  • From doubt not from CHANGE

Dear friend!

Freedom is your birth right.

But what are you asking for freedom from.

Instead of running from something you don’t want, start sprinting towards something you desire.  Just be clear on what is it that benefits you. Pay more attention to which direction you are going. Allow your speed to vary. Be constant in your approach. Dedicate your energy into achieving your goals. Always remember from where you started. Be grateful for every experience along the way. Notice where you are nearing.

Know this, you are free to have what you can give yourself permission to have.

Have a happy free life.

Best regards

Reena Yadav, IADLife

Ask for FREEDOM .jpg

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