YOUR PLAN or someone else’s doing

Was it someone else’s doing


YOUR PLAN all along?

Dear friend!

Consider this, you are going to office on a Monday morning and just before you leave the house, your 1 year old spills juice on your well ironed shirt. You have to make a choice, to change your garment or clean up and rush to the office. All the while you are in that predicament you are simultaneously looking at your child, saying ‘ you did this 🙂 .’

What if you are educated with this fine fact that ‘you are responsible for every situation that happens in your life.’ Would you be willing to take that responsibility?

Think in retrospect, did you have resistance going to the office. Was there a meeting that you felt you were not prepared for or was it the Monday morning traffic that you dreading or were you avoiding someone. You may or may not know when or where, but you end up making statements and setting intentions creating these situations.

Your attention always goes to others, as if they were responsible for the your life’s situation. But in actuality, it has been YOUR PLAN that gave rise to these situations.

You think of any situation(s), then try to recall what could you have wanted in that situation that made you make that statement. So the clever thing would be to know what you really really want and say it accordingly. For instance here you could say, ‘ I want to be comfortable with this day’, and see how the day unfolds, regardless of the events. Everything that use to catch your attention as irritating will be comfortable or irritating things will not happen at all.

Important thing to note is how much are you willing to give yourself permission to aspire or to ask .

So you could expand and say  ‘I am having a wonderful day with miraculous results’, and be open to receiving those miraculous results.

You do this for a few times and you will really not need to have resistance towards any experiences. You become open to exploring.

Thank you and best regards
Reena Yadav, IADLife


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