recent achievement gets response from unhealed past

Recent Achievement Gets Response From Unhealed Past

People are remembered as vividly as

their most recent achievement


your response is based on the past opinion

that is part of you that needs



Dear friend!

Do you watch movies? Who is your favorite actor? Do you have one favorite or few? Do you like or appreciate them according to the character they play.

Either ways, what do you remember about them?

Similarly, when you think of your friend, acquaintance or even stranger, what do you remember about him/her?

What ever you remember is the memory that is dictated by the past impressions of the opinions formed by you about that person. The opinion formed is a part of you that requires most healing.

For instance an actor has acted well in movies but has not been seen consistently in movies, for x y z reasons. You will remember the infrequency of the actor’s appearance on the screen, which reflects the inconsistency in work. This is the aspect that you recognise and that is what you wish to change in your life. Later on when you have worked and changed that aspect of your life and  you would have included consistency as a characteristics in your life, you will if/when revisit the actor’s work, then you may be able to appreciate/notice other aspects of that actor and/or acting. This is an indicator in your life that, that aspect has been healed.

Your friend or acquaintance with whom you have been comfortable but have an impression based on your opinion that the person is rude, desperate or competent, charming. Know this, even if you remember that aspect of him/her/them that you admire, you actually are looking for ways to include that in your life. For example you want to be competent or you want to be charming or to recognised as either or both.

In your life experiences someone has been nice to you but one instance of insult, misbehavior or mishap in his/her life, changes your opinion of him/her. Why?

  1. A) This is the reflection of characteristics or attribute of you in  your life, which has come in your space in the form of someone else’s behavior, which you desire to change or heal.
  2. B) This is as a result of the impression that has been brewing due to the piled up sentiments, specifically towards that person, that has not been worked on or healed.

The moment you recognise that, you will be able to see how fast your opinion of that person changes. In case it remains unhealed, regardless of the person’s input in your life, you will continue to respond to the person based on the impression of past observations.

When not done, you could be missing out on wonderful and fun interactions with this person/people. And you are most definitely missing out on your healing and life enhancements.

When done, it gives you a feeling of  being ‘free’.

To make your moving forward in life fun, deal with it NOW.

Reena Yadav, IADLife


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