SOLUTIONS reside right next to clarity about the problem

SOLUTIONS reside right next to clarity about the problem

When you are able to recognise your problems, clearly.  Stay with this CLARITY for few more moments, because the SOLUTIONS reside right next to that clarity

Dear friend!

Big applause for those who can recognise their ‘problem’.

As a next step you are able to explain what is the situation in detail. Either you discuss with your friends or with your family. As soon as you gain clarity about the issue, many of you feel the urge to share it with the world. So you turn to social networking sites.

Clarity does that to people. Clarity in anything gives an understanding that raises you to a level where it is easy to explain what you actually want to express. Here it’s about your problem/ issue/ situation.

This is quite an achievement.

But, what would you or anyone gain from agreeing with you that, such a ‘problem’ really exists. You could choose to trust your understanding, instead of looking for approval from the mob. The fact that you recognised and have clarity enough about the ‘problem’, to pen it down or voice it, speaks volumes about your willingness to acknowledge it’s presence.

Stay with this clarity for just a few more moments, instead of being in a hurry to showcase your ‘problem’ to your world. If you do that, you will be pleasantly surprised to notice that the solution to the ‘problem’ co-exists and resides with the ‘clarity about the problem’.

Please be mindful of not staying with the ‘effects of problem’, because that will pull you down to the low vibration and keep you there. Here there is neither clarity nor solution.

When you are able to pull yourself out of this low vibration and stay with the clear understanding of the ‘problem’, you will have solutions clearly visible too.

Next step is to apply it. And now, share this with your world.

Reena Yadav, IADLife

solutions nxt to clarity about problem.jpg

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