Right Something looks for Something Right

Right Something is always on a look out for Something Right

Dear friend!

Right creative team is looking for your right creative idea .

Your right partner in love is looking for you too.

Right home is looking for the right residents.

Resources that are right for your next big venture are waiting to be found.

Your most favourite desire is waiting to be aligned with the right feelings and vibrations that will help in manifesting it.

You looking for a job, have applied and applied. In some places you got through the interview, in some places you got in through the 1st phase, in others you reached till the one on one discussion. You think and you know that you have done your best, but the job you were eyeing is not yours yet. If you really really want it, there are great chances that you might get it. Once you get it, you may realise what you truly wanted did not come in through this job as a package. So you start looking again.

Instead how about you do the following :

A)Be clear in what you want. B) e.g. You want a job ! What kind ! C) What do you wish to achieve or receive through this job? List them. D) Now either you decide from where you are going to get all that you listed in ‘C’ and follow the actions that makes sense to you or just be open to the RIGHT job that provides you all that you listed in ‘C’, which could open a world full of possibilities. E) Action steps like the right job advt., right acquaintance, right idea to learn a new skill set, will start catching your attention. Follow them and carry out these actions.

Because the right job is looking for the exact set of qualifications that are right for it, and which is with you only.

This applies in everything, right plumber, right hair stylist, right group, other right service providers, right home, right vehicle,  to name a few   are all looking for something right in you or something right connected with you.

So, keep asking for things that are ‘right’  for you and ‘of your highest good’.

On behalf of IADLife and me, may this or something higher come to you soon.   God Bless.

Have  a Happy February.

Reena Yadav, IADLife



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