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Equality is only at Human Level

Please do share with all those who you think could benefit from it.
Dear Friend!
Since time immemorial, there has been conversations and discussions on equality. The saga of asking for it or demanding it continues. Talking about equality and fighting the atrocities of the inequality, has been never ending endeavour. Whether it is gender, cast, culture, country, skin color, language, other physical attributes, bank balance, all seek equality. While, discrimination or reservation benefit very few, the rest that are not benefited feel the condescending snubbing of the ‘inequality’.You would feel differently, if only the real truth was known to you. The ultimate truth about the equality that you seek is at the ‘Human level’ only. Once you take that responsibility of acknowledging that you are human before anything else, all your conversations regarding receiving unfair ‘anything’ changes. You start asking, demanding, seeking that equality at ‘Human level’ only. Compartmentalization of equality on any other basis is the real unfair and unreal comparison. Give yourself a chance to know that your strength, ability, energy is same as others. What you are willing to work towards is the only way to differentiate you from others. Recognising and increasing your deservability, enhancing talents and skill building, working hard and smart, towards your goals, ambition and desires is all that counts. Focus on your creative thoughts and keep moving forward in the journey of ‘your life’.Other discussions and arguments are only an excuse to show someone else down on baseless agenda and your convenience to camouflage your guilt of actually not approving, appreciating and utilising your real power. Grow and prosper yourself and when possible support others to do the same. We all have part of the same source, only thing that defines us differently is the daily activities we get involved in on this planet. From here on which direction you decide to take has to be on the grounds of what you wish to achieve and what you wish to do to accomplish that.
Thank you and best regards
Reena Yadav, IADLife

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Selfish is self-love with fear

Selfish is a form of SELF-LOVE

It is a  form of self preservation with an element of fear

Dear Friend !

Understanding and applying self-love is delayed, because of the hesitation of being branded or labelled as selfish.
If you wait till you have the clarity on what are the outlines of self-love, just so that you do not cross the line that makes you selfish, you and only you are keeping yourself from enjoying self-love.
Please get started on what ever makes sense to you as self-love. The simplest definition that could suffice for you to commence the self-love work is “actions that indicate loving and respecting yourself, without causing harm to others.”
Selfish is actually a form of self-love, with an element of fear attached to it. This appendage of fear is of rejection or abandonment. Selfish is a way to provide for yourself, when there is question of self preservation in a scarce environment. Self-love brings you closer and connects you with source. Self-love gives you the confidence and confirmation that there is enough of what you seek in the universe and that you are always provided for and safe. As you let go fear and continue activities that suit you, benefit you, enhance your life, you will see the increase in self-love in your space. This practice of self-love will replace selfish.
So instead of using any excuse what so ever that will keep you from the fun of self-love, just go on and do those activities that you like but recognise the element that demarcates self-love from selfish.
The key to the shift from selfish to self-love is to ‘continue loving  yourself even during this transition’ anyways.

Thank you and best regards

Reena Yadav, IADLife


Give and receive credit

Finding it difficult to RECEIVE credit!

Investigate and introspect, where are you unable to GIVE credit.

Dear Friend!

Whatever is happening in your life is a clear reflection of what you are doing to yourself or to someone else.

If you find it difficult to receive, you are clearly being a miser either to yourself or to others. Best way to find out exactly what it is that you find difficult to receive is to list them. Love, money, appreciation or approval. If you feel you have issue(s) receiving in any of these areas, then find out where and to whom are you not reciprocating. If you are unclear as to which area or to whom you are not reciprocating, then find out what does that ‘area’ in your life mean to you, what does it signify.
That exercise will help you know what each area signifies and where are the holes through which your receiving in that area is leaking out.

You will be surprised to know that every area very cleverly is connected to self love.

Find out connection between that area in your life and self love and work on it.

Give yourself self love.

Let the receiving begin or accelerate.

Thank you and best regards

Reena Yadav, IADLife

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Beliefs are statistically dictated

Dear Friend!

You lead your life guided by beliefs.

Not all of which are yours. In the journey called ‘life’, you picked them up as you moved forward. As your understanding in this world started to develop, you started to note how many times a particular belief, related to your ‘want’ was repeated.

Genesis of a belief is your need. Ironically your ‘want’ or ‘desire’ is from where the belief stems from initially and later on it is your BELIEF that dictates your ‘want’ or ‘desire’.

Deciding on choosing beliefs actually is a number game.

Think about it, recall, when you became aware of love relationships and then desired for one for yourself, you started to research what kind of love relationships people have. This was done from, people you know, read about and/or heard about. You  pick and choose the characteristics of your love relationships based on what’s happening around you or what’s the trend. Belief of the ‘love relationship’ you can have, starts to form and based on all these data. As your experiences grow statistically you get more and more convinced about, what kind of love relationship you can have, based on your opinion of you and based on opinion of you from others. And thus the ‘Love Relationship Belief’ is formed. From then on, your future love relationship you desire, will re-visit the formed ‘love relationship belief’ as guiding lines before you embark into any love relationship.

Interestingly as you move forward in your life, you grow, you change, characteristics of  your want(s) and desire(s) change. You start to realise what belief you wish to keep and what belief you wish to let go.

Go ahead change your mind.

Keep creating experiences of various sizes in all areas of life so that they add to your statistics and eventually change your belief(s) into what you truly want.

Thank you and best regards

Reena Yadav, IADLife


Desire Breakthroughs Don’t Ask for a Break

Dear friends!

What do you mean, when you are ‘asking for a break’.
Asking for a break means you feel the need to disconnect and move away from what is not working in your life, even if the disconnect or distancing you seek is temporary.
It could be work in hand, at home or in an office.
It could be relationship situation that you have been trying to solve. It could be health goals that seem to getting further and further away, regardless of your efforts.
In this situation you are overwhelmed with the thoughts, feelings and emotions that are not contributing to the solution.
Low energy, stress, tension, anger are the ‘vibration lowering agents’ that arise from the above mentioned situations, and could take a toll on you.
Sometimes you take for a break because you have been victorious, whether it is successful completion of something or something gets solved. It could be a phase, project, task or something in relationship.
If you are celebrating, it is not a break. It is connection or continuity to the next step.
Next time you desire a break, ask for a ‘BREAKTHROUGH’.
Ask for breakthroughs in situations whether it is problem, blockage or difficulty in task, persistent relationship issues that are bogging you down, health situations you wish to change.
Taking a break is disconnecting. Breakthrough connects you to the next step, which is the way forward.
Breakthrough gives hope, solution, relief, rest, change that entrusts seeing the next step and the problematic situation in new light.
Breakthroughs could be to adding new skills when you feel stagnated in a job or stuck in a position without promoting evaluation.
A breakthrough is when you take time off and sleep to rest. Start a new day with a new fresh energy. Be mindful to note the new suggestions your mind and thoughts give in the form of intuitions, to deal with the situation(s) that are bothering.
Introducing or increasing faith, learning and actually forgiving, trusting the divine timing, heed and carry out the divine guidance sincerely, to be attentive to your health, would be the breakthrough you require in situation when your observe that your relationship had not manifested as desired. This could be a tall order, but this is a breakthrough. Taking a break and coming back to the same situations again and again could keep the situation status quo. Breakthrough in health is in the form of new solutions if the earlier ones were not fun or effective.
Asking for a break indicates running away from something that is not working.
Breakthrough denotes marching towards something that will make your situations in life work.
So if you do decide to desire, choose to focus on breakthroughs.

May your future be full of magical breakthroughs.

Thank you and best regards

Reena Yadav, IADLife



Confrontation vs Introspection

Dear friends!
I don’t believe in confrontation…..I believe in introspection
So I self counsel, talk and listen to myself.
‘Charity begins at home’ similarly ‘change begins within’. This comes by introspection. Introspection is ‘self discussion’.
Confrontation is ‘discussion with the other party’. The other party could be a person or people. If you insist on changing some situation in your life by addressing  the other party to discuss your issues, you will still need to introspect.
Point being made here is that, if you think venting out to concerned party helps, then you need to know that this relief has short life span. Argument could be, how would the other party know what is that you are going through. Maybe the person will not know or realise. But the real question is that what is your true aim? To make the person you are confronting aware of what you are going through or would you actually like to solve your situation and to feel better and be happy.
In confrontation you have just transferred the information in that person’s space, without any guarantee that your situation may change for better. There is a possibility that the person/people you confront retaliates or confronts back. There is also a possibility that the person does not retaliate. This could be because the other party genuinely is not responsible for your hurt or did not mean to hurt you, and you may end up spoiling your relationship(s). Also, it is possible that other party loves you enough and respects the relationship you both share and therefore, does not want to extend the issue, but may feel sad and bitter about this confrontation. Another possibility could be that the other person really does not know how to defend oneself, and you come out as a bully. Confrontation without prior introspection, never gives the permanent solutions.

Introspection actually helps you gain clear understanding of your situation. From the clarity about the situation action steps surface to solve the situation. Introspection contributes in understanding the ‘learning’ in your situation.  Once the lessons are ‘learnt’ from a situation, same situation will not come in your life again and thus solves this situation in your life for ever. 

Stand up for yourself, defend yourself. Even this can be done in a better manner after introspection. Introspection with mirror work and/or EFT (tapping), is extremely effective. It reduces stress and tension.

In confrontation you lose your energy. Even mental confrontation, where you are arguing/fighting with the other party when he/she/they are physically not in your space, is exhausting.

Introspection is a great practice to connect with yourself. Introspection results in self discovery. Introspection is an internal investigation that will fetch you more profits and dividends than you can anticipate.

As you practice introspection on regular basis, you start to notice many of your inner power like your intuitiveness, your creative ideas flowing and you being able to accept guidance on self love.

Thank you and best regards

Reena Yadav, IADLife

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Dear Friend!

The expression “to kick someone when one is down” has an underlying understanding that one that is kicking has an upper hand than the one that is being kicked.

There is a word for such people ‘bullies’. Bothering people knowing very well that the retaliation will be minimal or nill, is the pre-requisite for a bully to function. Another word for such people in Hindi (Indian Language) is ‘goonda’. The notion is that these goondas or bullies are more powerful  or more superior. But this is far from the truth. This outer demeanor of the bully or the goonda, stems from their insecurity and inner weakness.

These bullies are everywhere. They are recognised as anyone who is suppressing someone using their characteristics, like shyness or not able to stand up/speak up for oneself, to their advantage and thus leveraging it against the lesser beings.

Some keep this act at all times, as they are left with no choice. These people are in constant threat to become a victim, if they decide let go being a bully.

Some others switch to this role based on situation. For example parents become one when they are using shortcuts like ‎corporal punishment, verbal imposing of fear to get work out of their little ones (even if it is to keep them safe). Teachers become one as they take refuge in this transformation to deal with the immense pressure of handling other’s kids and that too so naughty and so many of them.

The most important bully/goonda in your life is YOU yourself. Every time you feel low or lost and you are looking for a friend or guide, you end up encountering a potraj*.

The Potraj* are street performers, are a tribe that hail from the western state of Maharashtra, they follow grueling profession of smacking themselves with heavy whips made out of woven coir or leather.

Please don’t be that bully/goonda.

When you are down instead of self criticism, self blame, self teasing, self judging or self hurting, how about from now on you become your best supporter and protector. Boost yourself, promote yourself, listen to yourself, talk to yourself. Don’t use shortcuts on yourself, instead show patience and kindness to yourself.

And then extend this to others.

Thank you and best regards

Reena Yadav, IADLife