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Just Do This to Manifest!

I am eating, breathing, sleeping, thinking, feeling, loving and passionate about my project, my life, my life purpose.

Just Do This to Manifest!

Dear friend!

You want something. Be willing to let go anything that is keeping you from receiving it.

Regardless of how big the project is. Regardless of how outrageously large the plan is. Regardless of how magnanimous or massive the effort investment is. Be willing to embark on this way of achieving.

Get use to manifesting what you want.

Regardless of how difficult or long or unknown your results are, you can have it. You can achieve it. This is the truth.

You just need to dedicate yourself to your GOAL. No more excuses. No more second guessing yourself.

Your day is full of schedules, set your priority and do assign some time for others too.

You have a DESIRE. Decide on the action steps that could lead you there.

“Eat, Breath, Sleep, Think, Feel, Love, Be passionate” about these action steps.

Just do this and you can manifest those action step(s).

Do a little more than you have decided to do.

Impress yourself.

Focus and concentrate on what you can do for these action steps. Tumble yourself out of the bed, strive to keep up with the timelines. Whatever you have done is enough. Be happy and grateful for what has been covered. Next moment get back to covering the rest of the action steps.

Notice how resources keep pouring in form of, time, money, knowledge, people.

You pumped up yet!

You can do it!

Reena Yadav, IADLife




Don’t Condescend.  MOTIVATE

Dear friend!

Dictionary meaning of Condescending and Motivating:

Condescending means ‘showing’ that you believe you are more intelligent or better than other people.

Motivating comes from motivation, is derived from the word – motive – which means needs, desires, wants or drives within the individuals.

Most important reason for you to know the difference is so that your messages, information, knowledge or ideas are successfully reaching the receiver.

Condescending comes from a hurried desperate attempt to pass on your information, with very little or no willingness to put in effort for other(s) to comprehend or execute. Condescending is by gestures and/or words. Discussing somebody on their face, as if they are not in the same room and one sided conversations are the attributes of being condescending. Condescending has coating of the anger and fear of ‘will not be heard’.

Motivation requires more effort, it requires you to care and respect. Sometimes this might need more time. But in the long run, this is the only effective way to communicate.

Both come with the common aim to share the message.

However, motivation is the only way to have a beneficial effect. It gives you energy to find your way further on, even after the initial motivator has left the scene. After this you learn to be an awesome motivator yourself.

To be a motivator keep your energy high.

You start the sentences with, “May I suggest you something.”

You can insist, you can be stern, but you only need to be sincere.

Try this with kids, service providers, friends, colleagues and all others, whether you talk to them or about them or even thinking about.

See the acceptance of your message. Please remember, acceptance need not necessarily be agreement. Also, here the disagreement is minus the animosity.

Most importantly do this for yourself. Every thought that you have, every self conversation you get in involved in, let it be a suggestion rather than an imposition. When you look for motivation in others or outside look for the polite ones only.

Love and respect.

Thank you and Best Regards

Reena Yadav, IADLife


I increase my LISTENING

When  others stop listening, I increase my LISTENING

Dear friend!

Cordial conversations become arguments when either party has decided not to get convinced by the other, and the listening starts to shut down. This happens when either party is too arrogant, too sure, too resistant, too impatient, too scared to change and/or always scared that something will change them and they are not willing/ready.

If you don’t agree with what the other person is saying, in trying to convince them the following happens (a) your vibration starts to lower (b) the conversation shifts from flow to forced (c) your mind start to close (d) you start to focus more towards convincing someone rather than trusting yourself (e) topic ends abruptly.

The whole conversation transforms into a winning game to convince. Other situational changes that might happen are decibel changes, diversion from original topic, animosity.

This comes from earlier experiences and old beliefs that you have had, which are :  (a) unless you prove your point, you will not be superior and will not be able to get the approval (b) if you are unable to be heard i.e. convince, you become the lesser being. All these are untrue.

If you are willing believe that you are speaking your truth. If you are willing to consider that the information from the other person comes from their truth. Then, you could increase your listening and see that it is just word exchange and you have an opportunity to learn that your knowledge is ultimate or an opportunity for you to change.

What you could do is, you if you have an opportunity, place your opinion in the open space of the conversation. This is because this is the information you have, to the best of your knowledge. Do so without any attachment to immediate convincing. You maintain your vibration and be open to reciprocation. Move on to your next task in your life.

This is something that happens with SELF too.

The moment you feel the resistance from within, don’t try to out smart your own self by imposing more conversations to convince. The more you stress on the convincing, the lesser you listen, your focus is on the internal resistance grows, the resistance gains bouncy and will surface more. At this point you could pause your compulsive verbal dialog. Listen to your internal resistance and conversations. The internal resistance holds messages like ‘let go’, ‘have patience’, ‘have faith’, ‘request received’, ‘all will be well’ .

‘Little knowledge is a dangerous thing’ as the saying goes. When you add knowledge to your database, it is then that you know how much of what you know holds water.

With the time you have on this planet, why would spend your time on trying to convince others. Have a lot of value and respect for your knowledge. Be willing to LISTEN. Spend time and energy talking, convincing and discussing with like minded people, but be willing to learn from all.

Thank you and Best Regards

Reena Yadav, IADLife


what is your Passion?

You want to know what are you passionate about?

Find out what you would like to do till your last day on this planet?
Dear friend!

“I do what I am passionate about”, sounds blissful.

So how do you even know what are you passionate about. Well, it is fairly simple. Have a one on one conversation with yourself and ask “what would you like to do till your last day on this planet?”

Answer to this question will tell you what you are passionate about.

If you too are interested in finding out your passion, you could follow the guidelines from the case study below.

Case Study : “P” interested in finding out her passion. “R” guides her through the follow up questions, that leads to the ultimate answer, ‘What is “P’s” passion?’

R: From all your experiences, what brings to you happiness or joy.

P: I have recently been to few places and I seem to like to see places around the world.

R: You like travel?

P: No I don’t like the travel part of it?

R: Then what is that you gain, when you see places.

P: Brings me happiness?

R: What is it  that makes you happy, when you see new places?

P: I see new things?

R: Wonderful, so what brings you happiness, when you see new things? What do you notice, that makes you want to do this again. The exploration, expansion or experience?

P: Exploration.

R: What is exploring to you ? Finding out more, which is having more information, finding out more information of the new,  so research. All of this gives you knowledge. You look for answers, you want to know more. So ‘acquiring knowledge’ is your passion.

Once you have have been introduced to your ‘passion’, what you, could do with this information is, you could understand how this ‘passion’ has been contributing in your life’s enhancement.

Then, keep doing/taking 2 to 4 steps everyday to understand and know about your ‘passion’. How to integrate it in your personal and/or professional life comes with increase in clarity about the application of your ‘passion.’

Whether you wish to earn through what you are passionate doing or just indulging it as your hobby, is your choice.

Once you have found what you are passionate about, you ‘need not, not do other things.’

However, know this, your passion is what is going to take you towards your ‘life purpose’ i.e. your mission on this planet. So do not ignore it.

When you are passionate about something, it brings you joy being involved with it. This raises your energy. You are in high vibration. Everything you do in this state is beneficial to you and all others.

When you have good energy and high vibration you attract the right support system to carry forward what you are passionate about. This will give you motivation to do more.

May you be passionate about what you do. May you do what you are passionate about.

Thank you Priyashree BK for suggesting and volunteering with the example to explain “How to find your passion?”

Thank you and Best Regards

Reena Yadav, IADLife


When in doubt AFFIRM

When in doubt on reply, do not defend, AFFIRM

Dear friend!

Case Study: “B”, a 35 years old Man met his neighbours who had moved to a new location about couple of years back. After the greetings, during the update, the neighbor just sprung the question “hey did you get married?”
It sounds like a straight forward, harmless question. But, what about “B”, what if he had gone through some tough situations and experiences while looking for the right bride? What if, he was heart broken after a break up? In either of these situations he could have been embarrassed or offended and could have given curt or self pity answers. “B”, however took this opportunity to create his new future that he desired, so he affirmed as he replied “Prospects are good, it will most definitely happen at the right divine time.”

When you are put on spot on a subject you feel sensitive about, the moment you feel that, please note that, this is the area of your life that needs your support the most. You support this portion of your life with your best affirmation till you can take an action or while you take an action. Say what you truly want and wish to believe about the area in your life.

Case Study : “L” 47 year old lady, moved to a new job and new place, against everyone’s wishes and advice. Just after a month, she was let go from the new job because of unexpected budget cuts. She was left with no choice but to start “new job search” to pay her bills. When her family asked her, “L” affirmed as a reply “Something very good will come out of this for all of us, this situation will bring amazing learning that will enhance our lives beyond my expectation, the right job is looking for me too and will find me soon.”

Impulsive replies seem like a quick fix for the damage that surfaces when a question is asked or an inquiry is made related to a difficult area in your life where you are seeking answers. These replies are defensive and reflect self blame or self criticism.

Sometimes you may encounter relentless interrogation and unsolicited advice. Use this situation to reaffirm and reaffirm. If you can’t think of anything, you could just say “you know what, can I get back to you on that!” If the question persists, affirm out loud as a reply or in your mind that “something very good will come out of this situation for me” and say whatever comes to your mind, for instance ” sounds like a good idea, maybe it will happen”, “I deserve good things.”

This is not a competition for who has the better say. Focus on your life’s area in question and talk or even choose not to. Consider this your practice arena. When you do talk, say the best you can about that area.

Thank you and Best Regards

Reena Yadav, IADLife


Other’s reactions reflect what you need to know

Don’t mind other people’s reactions. Because they reflect what you need to know, but have not been paying attention to.

Dear friend!

People around you have a certain behavior or reaction. Some you like, others not so much. Many a times you may not remember the behavior, reaction, gesture, comment, but you remember the feeling. The feelings tell you which behavior you have liked and which you don’t like.

‘Like it’, say thank you.

‘Don’t like it’ and it does not appeal to you, sincerely do not ignore it. These are reflection of certain aspect of your life situation that is very important to you, but you have not been paying attention to.

For example if you see someone in your space being insincere and if it is bothering you, this is an indication that you need to be sincere in your life.

Same goes for dishonesty, dominating, domineering, cruelty, rudeness, making fun, not appreciating, not approving, inconsistency or not reciprocating. You need to introspect as to where have you been doing the same thing i.e. behaving in the same manner with someone else or your own self.

Most of the time what you notice in others behaviour of which you are not a big fan of, is actually something you are doing to your own self and wish to change in your life.

So others behaviour or comments, don’t mind it. Appreciate and be grateful for their reactions. Because they are helping you notice what you need to change in your life.

Certain behaviour or reaction come not from outside but from within, and you will not like the sound of it. Sometimes you may catch yourself  commenting on yourself or others. Sometimes certain behaviours, reactions surface when you act on peer pressure. These are not just slip of tongue so to speak or has happened inadvertently, these actually need your attention.

Observe it/them, work on them. Be willing to make that change.

Thank you and Best Regards
Reena Yadav, IADLife



Be Your Own Excellent Manager

Be Your Own Excellent Manager

Dear friend!

This would be your DREAM COME TRUE, if you could have a manager that is loving, efficient, sincere, caring and takes complete responsibility of you.

Wakes you up, gets you the morning drink, motivates you to finish your morning schedule be it exercise or any other ritual decided by you. Prepares and informs you of the day ahead and is by your side to see that you are completing it. Keeps a tab on you being nourished and hydrated in a timely fashion, so that you are full of energy to carry out your activities, but also so that you don’t stress binge. You are finishing your evening routine and sleeping enough, all thanks to this manager. Your manager sees to it that your time lines are met by being a reminder, motivator and promoter. Gives you just enough flexibility that you re-vitalise but then pulls you back to your schedule so that you don’t be in a guilt of wasting your day’s resources.

Your manager is friendly and timely reminder. Your manager is your daily planner. Your manager is the the support system that never let’s you feel that you have to go through all the scheduling on your own. Your manager gets your work done by you.

At the end you are nourished and satisfied.

No stress and no fuss, no missing out no getting over whelmed on the ‘to-do lists’.

If there is management required in only one or a part of your life, say for health, you could look for the right trainer or dietitian or both, whose professional responsibility is to keep you on schedule, regular, motivated and helps you meet your goal.


You could be your own manager. It becomes your job to motivate yourself, support yourself, you have to find your alternate plans and still get the task(s) done. This could connect you with yourself. Being your own manager gives you the clarity what helps you function most efficiently and so actually is enhancing your life. Listen to your manager, honor and respect the instructions, reminders, planning, requests and advise that is given by your manager. Being your own manager makes you self reliant. All the other help, support or planning for management of your day by day life are add ons. You don’t wait till the right manager comes along. Your manager i.e. YOU is with you at all times, taking care of you and all that is associated with you. HURRAY!!

You could choose to do this till you can attract the right manger, trainer, teacher or you could have the right manger, trainer, teacher till you can connect with yourself and be your own manager. Or you could have both depending on  various areas of your life.
Either ways, support yourself on this.

If you look at your life closely, you are possibly already doing this for one or more or all areas of your life.

Affirmation: “I am my excellent manager. I love my excellent manager.”

Thank you and Best Regards
Reena Yadav, IADLife


Intermittent hard work is giving up

Intermittent hard work is equivalent to giving up as it is devoid of consistency.

Dear friend!

Whether it is practice of healing solutions, diet, exercise or any other project, for best results you have to do it regularly. If you have been taking lots of intermittent breaks, it is same as giving up on your efforts. When you take too many stops you lose the momentum and the results are below your anticipation. Your ideas could get obsolete. What ever you are involved in seems more difficult, boring and yielding dis-satisfactory results.

Intermittent breaks are well understood to be de-stressors and which may be required for you to relax your mind and body for your efficient functioning. Frequent breaks like snacking, snoozing, browsing social networking sites, chatting, entertainments can be distracting. You could choose take your time off your active project(s) but in a regulated and creative manner.

For satisfactory result or something higher, move to a more consistent option. Plan the process. Create a schedule. Stay true to it. Motivate and promote yourself to abide by it. Be grateful for the road travelled thus far.

If there are chores, responsibilities, commitments and/or other time investments,  put them in your planning and schedule, be sincere with them too.

You could have some flexibility in time allotment and in sequence of the tasks but be mindful of completing it.

Create milestones and celebrate completion of each of them.

Always do a little more for/in the project than the pre-decided schedule.

It is important to re-energize and replenish from time to time. Do it in a way that it does not interfere with the continuity of your project in hand.

Do this, you are a rock star. You are a winner.

This is a habit that you can reprise on all other goals you wish to attain.

Thank you and Best Regards
Reena Yadav, IADLife




Only important makes presence felt


Only something that is important enough can make it’s presence felt.

Dear friend!

he/she/they/it is the ‘third party’.

“I do not care if he/she/they/it exist or exit from my life “ – have you ever tried to say this or something to this effect.
*News Flash* If you are talking/thinking/writing about the third party then, yes it’s IMPORTANT in your life.

Know this :

(a)This ‘third party’ is there in your life for a reason, either for pleasure or for learning. If you have been paying attention to anything from/about the ‘third party’, then it’s taking up the resources from your space and therefore, the ‘third party’ is important. You may criticize the ‘third party’. You may discuss this ‘third party’. You may even just think about the ‘third party’. You may even say one thing and do something else about this ‘third party’. All in all, the kind and amount of energy and vibration that you are giving to this ‘third party’ is a lot. If you are a high vibrational being, your complaints, criticism, back biting, cribbing about the ‘third party’ also will do something good for them. As a result the ‘third party’ will keep making it’s presence felt in your life without you getting any credit, and the cycle of you liking, not liking or being confused continues.
(b)If you don’t wish that ‘third party’ is important, then focus on what is important. Pay attention to who/what you wish to give attention to. Here’s a lucrative idea, how about you shift your focus on YOU and your life purpose. The more you focus on moving forward in your life, the ‘third party’ becomes less important, dilute and redundant.
If you are unsure of a ‘third party’ in your life that has been making it’s presence felt and you are not sure of it’s importance, switch your attention to either self or your immediate priority.
If the ‘third party’ is constantly making guest appearances in your life but does not give you the confidence of security or importance, see it as an insufficient input in your life and shift your attention to something that is ‘you oriented’.
If you have been doing this in someone else’s life as you are not sure, it is suggested that you get sure.
Be fair to yourself and your life. You and your interactions are important and are meant to cater to world of creativity, so give importance to that.
Thank you and Best Regards
Reena Yadav, IADLife


Reciprocate to Rejection with Opportunity

Reciprocation of rejection by rejection leads to more rejection

Reciprocate Rejection with Opportunity

Dear friend!

Someone did not receive your call and did not call you back or did not respond to your message or email. If you remember the lack of reciprocation, you would note it as rejection. Next time you might respond based on this stored memory. In later situations, if for any reasons the person has not been able to respond to you then, you would recognise this as further rejection to your earlier rejection. Truth however, could be very different.

If only you are willing to know

(a)You are worth being responded to. (b) Everything is happening for your greater good.

So if the response is not there, it is not rejection. It could be anything else but that for you. It is divine timing to get the right reciprocation. The restlessness that you feel while you wait in anticipation of possible rejection is something you could let go.

If you have been not regular with your project or exercising. And you decide to give up because you were not consistent, is you feeling rejection and you rejecting. Don’t give up ever, just start this very second. Even if it is a small tiny step for what you are doing. Choose your favourite way as a step forward in the project or change to an exercise you like.

Show acceptance in some form. Show that you are willing to receive.

Don’t take rejections, convert them to opportunities. If you receive a letter from company where you have applied for a job, take this opportunity to introspect, what is your learning, write back or seek a telephonic discussion to know more about the reply, apply in other places, take an inventory of your skills, constantly keep learning something new. Leave a note for your friend who is not responding. If it is your friendship or other relationship where you feel rejected, again take this opportunity to introspect, what is your learning, take an inventory of your qualities that are adorable, constantly keep discovering yourself.

Thank you and Best Regards

Reena Yadav, IADLife