Gossip Vs Sharing Information

Gossip Vs  Sharing Information


Dear friend!

Gossip is when you are talking about someone with the adjunct or element of judgement. Gossip is a provocative way of instigating people into participating in the conversation  that entails digging out more of what did not work. This can only end in feeling(s) of low vibration.  Various actions involved in this are making fun, criticizing, tarnishing the person/situation being discussed, feeling betrayed and rejected, guilty and fear of being caught. It is a whirlpool of misguided ‘sense to belong’ that will keeping sucking you into furnishing more data to feel superior in knowledge or ability to handle the situation better, even if it is untrue.  This solves absolutely nothing. It might give you a false sense of being heard temporarily but leaves you feeling very incomplete. Your word is reduced to a hearsay, i.e. with no authenticity.

Sharing information is when you have absolutely the least amount of bias. This is solution oriented and involves open minded discussion, lesson learning, safe guarding the person/situation being discussed and well wishing. Only good for all involved comes out of that.

If you do get involved in a gossip or inadvertently become a gossiper and now when you are willing to change, you can use the gossip to do good to you and for others.

In the conversation pass on the message that you would actually like to share. Look for the learning in the whole situation. Instead of seeing the shortcoming of anyone, point out the empowering points that you see in the situation.

“I think he/she/they must have a valid reason that makes sense, to do this.”

“Only  he/she/they know the real truth. I wish them luck.”

“Hope he/she/they get the right help/learning in/from this situation.”

“May something very good come out of this situation, for all involved.”

This is a beautiful way to spread and practice the affirmation for you and anyone else you wish.

Please know it is not the way to show pity or trying to put yourself in anyone else’s shoes. Share information in a way to empower yourself and if you wish for others too.

Good luck.

Thank you and Best Regards

Reena Yadav, IADLife



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