layers of the onion : healing

Healing process in Life , is like layers of  the onion. Each layer has significance. Each layer is learning. 

Each layer leads to new layer. You can reach the next layer ONLY after addressing the previous layer.
Dear friend!

Healing process is a lifetime practice. It’s not a chore, it’s  a REVELATION. As you address one situation the result from it equips you to understand and deal with next situation and so on.

Life is about moving forward.

If you resist dealing with one situation or making the change by delaying or postponing, you feel stuck in the situation or phase in your life. You could run/dodge/escape by not facing a situation but it will keep coming back in your life in the form of patterns.

It might seem to you that situation is tough to deal with, but you are stronger and better supported than you think. Let go the old beliefs that keep nagging you about how incapable or unprepared you are or how you will be abandoned if you do this/that.

Just take the step.

If you are wondering what situation do you need to face! It is the situation that keeps visiting and re-visiting your mind again and again.

Do the action.

You will see how pleasantly you swim through in the life when you decide to address situations that present themselves.

Take help, take support, ask help, ask for support. Do everything you humanly can based on what you believe about yourself, not what you believe about yourself based on others.

Just do it. Finish your learning.

This is what you are here for, on this planet.

Have a pleasant life.

Thank you and Best Regards

Reena Yadav, IADLife


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