When you do what you love to do

When you do what you love to do  etiquette, manners, limiting behaviours, old beliefs go out of the window

Dear friend!

‘Energy of love’ is all you need to very comfortably, smoothly, seamlessly and beautifully live your life and have it moving forward amazingly.

Look for what you LOVE  to do and you will be unstoppable.

If you are not, then you don’t love it enough for it to drive you.

Because you are unstoppable.

So just find what you love. Once you have zeroed in on that particular thing you love, be it person, animal, project or  hobby, the passion for it will help you clear all the clutter of social etiquette, limiting behaviors and old beliefs in your mind however deep seated they are.

The space created can be filled with creativity and growth.  Use it, explore and expand. Live your loving life.

If you have something you love but you are still allowing the other factors to keep you from experiencing it fully, then change that by doing more of that you love to do and show your loyalty, sincerity and consistency towards it. Then see how this love is going to set you free from the prosperity sabotaging factors.

Reena Yadav, IADLife




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