Growth vs competition eliminaton

When you discriminate you think you are eliminating the competition. But, the fact is you are eliminating your personal growth, exposure, expansion and a fair chance to excel in life.


Dear friend!

When the competition gets tough, you get tougher. You add skills, use all your talent , knowledge, hard work, smart work and do your best. This is what a healthy competition brings out of you. Your true human potential.

If you want to avoid the competition, you will look for the 1st exit sign. Discrimination is the most common chosen way to exit and eliminate competition.

Discrimination is done at person level, characteristics level or anything else that can be associated with the opponent. But, this is just an excuse which is fueled by your old beliefs, used as per your timely convenience.

Skipping a competition will rob you of the opportunity to know what you are truly capable of. You could see how it pushes you to expand your horizons of knowledge and skills, how much more you learn from the newly acquired knowledge and how you exist in the new unvisited territories.

It is not about winning, it is only about excelling after giving it your all.

In this arena called ‘your life’, you are encountering competition at all times and in all areas. Whether you are willing to chose to stay, learn and grow or not to participate, either/both must contribute to your welfare.

Example of discrimination : When you are judging someone/something you are discriminating. When you are cribbing on your resources or your support system you are discriminating. When you are nitpicking on the inadequacy of the arrangement or situation, you are discriminating. Because here you are clearly saying that someone has better than you.

Do stay and see what can be learnt from the competition, do not use shortcuts like discrimination.

Explore and evolve.

Thank you and Best Regards

Reena Yadav, IADLife





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