Reciprocate to Rejection with Opportunity

Reciprocation of rejection by rejection leads to more rejection

Reciprocate Rejection with Opportunity

Dear friend!

Someone did not receive your call and did not call you back or did not respond to your message or email. If you remember the lack of reciprocation, you would note it as rejection. Next time you might respond based on this stored memory. In later situations, if for any reasons the person has not been able to respond to you then, you would recognise this as further rejection to your earlier rejection. Truth however, could be very different.

If only you are willing to know

(a)You are worth being responded to. (b) Everything is happening for your greater good.

So if the response is not there, it is not rejection. It could be anything else but that for you. It is divine timing to get the right reciprocation. The restlessness that you feel while you wait in anticipation of possible rejection is something you could let go.

If you have been not regular with your project or exercising. And you decide to give up because you were not consistent, is you feeling rejection and you rejecting. Don’t give up ever, just start this very second. Even if it is a small tiny step for what you are doing. Choose your favourite way as a step forward in the project or change to an exercise you like.

Show acceptance in some form. Show that you are willing to receive.

Don’t take rejections, convert them to opportunities. If you receive a letter from company where you have applied for a job, take this opportunity to introspect, what is your learning, write back or seek a telephonic discussion to know more about the reply, apply in other places, take an inventory of your skills, constantly keep learning something new. Leave a note for your friend who is not responding. If it is your friendship or other relationship where you feel rejected, again take this opportunity to introspect, what is your learning, take an inventory of your qualities that are adorable, constantly keep discovering yourself.

Thank you and Best Regards

Reena Yadav, IADLife


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