Only important makes presence felt


Only something that is important enough can make it’s presence felt.

Dear friend!

he/she/they/it is the ‘third party’.

“I do not care if he/she/they/it exist or exit from my life “ – have you ever tried to say this or something to this effect.
*News Flash* If you are talking/thinking/writing about the third party then, yes it’s IMPORTANT in your life.

Know this :

(a)This ‘third party’ is there in your life for a reason, either for pleasure or for learning. If you have been paying attention to anything from/about the ‘third party’, then it’s taking up the resources from your space and therefore, the ‘third party’ is important. You may criticize the ‘third party’. You may discuss this ‘third party’. You may even just think about the ‘third party’. You may even say one thing and do something else about this ‘third party’. All in all, the kind and amount of energy and vibration that you are giving to this ‘third party’ is a lot. If you are a high vibrational being, your complaints, criticism, back biting, cribbing about the ‘third party’ also will do something good for them. As a result the ‘third party’ will keep making it’s presence felt in your life without you getting any credit, and the cycle of you liking, not liking or being confused continues.
(b)If you don’t wish that ‘third party’ is important, then focus on what is important. Pay attention to who/what you wish to give attention to. Here’s a lucrative idea, how about you shift your focus on YOU and your life purpose. The more you focus on moving forward in your life, the ‘third party’ becomes less important, dilute and redundant.
If you are unsure of a ‘third party’ in your life that has been making it’s presence felt and you are not sure of it’s importance, switch your attention to either self or your immediate priority.
If the ‘third party’ is constantly making guest appearances in your life but does not give you the confidence of security or importance, see it as an insufficient input in your life and shift your attention to something that is ‘you oriented’.
If you have been doing this in someone else’s life as you are not sure, it is suggested that you get sure.
Be fair to yourself and your life. You and your interactions are important and are meant to cater to world of creativity, so give importance to that.
Thank you and Best Regards
Reena Yadav, IADLife


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