Intermittent hard work is giving up

Intermittent hard work is equivalent to giving up as it is devoid of consistency.

Dear friend!

Whether it is practice of healing solutions, diet, exercise or any other project, for best results you have to do it regularly. If you have been taking lots of intermittent breaks, it is same as giving up on your efforts. When you take too many stops you lose the momentum and the results are below your anticipation. Your ideas could get obsolete. What ever you are involved in seems more difficult, boring and yielding dis-satisfactory results.

Intermittent breaks are well understood to be de-stressors and which may be required for you to relax your mind and body for your efficient functioning. Frequent breaks like snacking, snoozing, browsing social networking sites, chatting, entertainments can be distracting. You could choose take your time off your active project(s) but in a regulated and creative manner.

For satisfactory result or something higher, move to a more consistent option. Plan the process. Create a schedule. Stay true to it. Motivate and promote yourself to abide by it. Be grateful for the road travelled thus far.

If there are chores, responsibilities, commitments and/or other time investments,  put them in your planning and schedule, be sincere with them too.

You could have some flexibility in time allotment and in sequence of the tasks but be mindful of completing it.

Create milestones and celebrate completion of each of them.

Always do a little more for/in the project than the pre-decided schedule.

It is important to re-energize and replenish from time to time. Do it in a way that it does not interfere with the continuity of your project in hand.

Do this, you are a rock star. You are a winner.

This is a habit that you can reprise on all other goals you wish to attain.

Thank you and Best Regards
Reena Yadav, IADLife




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