Be Your Own Excellent Manager

Be Your Own Excellent Manager

Dear friend!

This would be your DREAM COME TRUE, if you could have a manager that is loving, efficient, sincere, caring and takes complete responsibility of you.

Wakes you up, gets you the morning drink, motivates you to finish your morning schedule be it exercise or any other ritual decided by you. Prepares and informs you of the day ahead and is by your side to see that you are completing it. Keeps a tab on you being nourished and hydrated in a timely fashion, so that you are full of energy to carry out your activities, but also so that you don’t stress binge. You are finishing your evening routine and sleeping enough, all thanks to this manager. Your manager sees to it that your time lines are met by being a reminder, motivator and promoter. Gives you just enough flexibility that you re-vitalise but then pulls you back to your schedule so that you don’t be in a guilt of wasting your day’s resources.

Your manager is friendly and timely reminder. Your manager is your daily planner. Your manager is the the support system that never let’s you feel that you have to go through all the scheduling on your own. Your manager gets your work done by you.

At the end you are nourished and satisfied.

No stress and no fuss, no missing out no getting over whelmed on the ‘to-do lists’.

If there is management required in only one or a part of your life, say for health, you could look for the right trainer or dietitian or both, whose professional responsibility is to keep you on schedule, regular, motivated and helps you meet your goal.


You could be your own manager. It becomes your job to motivate yourself, support yourself, you have to find your alternate plans and still get the task(s) done. This could connect you with yourself. Being your own manager gives you the clarity what helps you function most efficiently and so actually is enhancing your life. Listen to your manager, honor and respect the instructions, reminders, planning, requests and advise that is given by your manager. Being your own manager makes you self reliant. All the other help, support or planning for management of your day by day life are add ons. You don’t wait till the right manager comes along. Your manager i.e. YOU is with you at all times, taking care of you and all that is associated with you. HURRAY!!

You could choose to do this till you can attract the right manger, trainer, teacher or you could have the right manger, trainer, teacher till you can connect with yourself and be your own manager. Or you could have both depending on  various areas of your life.
Either ways, support yourself on this.

If you look at your life closely, you are possibly already doing this for one or more or all areas of your life.

Affirmation: “I am my excellent manager. I love my excellent manager.”

Thank you and Best Regards
Reena Yadav, IADLife


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