what is your Passion?

You want to know what are you passionate about?

Find out what you would like to do till your last day on this planet?
Dear friend!

“I do what I am passionate about”, sounds blissful.

So how do you even know what are you passionate about. Well, it is fairly simple. Have a one on one conversation with yourself and ask “what would you like to do till your last day on this planet?”

Answer to this question will tell you what you are passionate about.

If you too are interested in finding out your passion, you could follow the guidelines from the case study below.

Case Study : “P” interested in finding out her passion. “R” guides her through the follow up questions, that leads to the ultimate answer, ‘What is “P’s” passion?’

R: From all your experiences, what brings to you happiness or joy.

P: I have recently been to few places and I seem to like to see places around the world.

R: You like travel?

P: No I don’t like the travel part of it?

R: Then what is that you gain, when you see places.

P: Brings me happiness?

R: What is it  that makes you happy, when you see new places?

P: I see new things?

R: Wonderful, so what brings you happiness, when you see new things? What do you notice, that makes you want to do this again. The exploration, expansion or experience?

P: Exploration.

R: What is exploring to you ? Finding out more, which is having more information, finding out more information of the new,  so research. All of this gives you knowledge. You look for answers, you want to know more. So ‘acquiring knowledge’ is your passion.

Once you have have been introduced to your ‘passion’, what you, could do with this information is, you could understand how this ‘passion’ has been contributing in your life’s enhancement.

Then, keep doing/taking 2 to 4 steps everyday to understand and know about your ‘passion’. How to integrate it in your personal and/or professional life comes with increase in clarity about the application of your ‘passion.’

Whether you wish to earn through what you are passionate doing or just indulging it as your hobby, is your choice.

Once you have found what you are passionate about, you ‘need not, not do other things.’

However, know this, your passion is what is going to take you towards your ‘life purpose’ i.e. your mission on this planet. So do not ignore it.

When you are passionate about something, it brings you joy being involved with it. This raises your energy. You are in high vibration. Everything you do in this state is beneficial to you and all others.

When you have good energy and high vibration you attract the right support system to carry forward what you are passionate about. This will give you motivation to do more.

May you be passionate about what you do. May you do what you are passionate about.

Thank you Priyashree BK for suggesting and volunteering with the example to explain “How to find your passion?”

Thank you and Best Regards

Reena Yadav, IADLife




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