Don’t Condescend.  MOTIVATE

Dear friend!

Dictionary meaning of Condescending and Motivating:

Condescending means ‘showing’ that you believe you are more intelligent or better than other people.

Motivating comes from motivation, is derived from the word – motive – which means needs, desires, wants or drives within the individuals.

Most important reason for you to know the difference is so that your messages, information, knowledge or ideas are successfully reaching the receiver.

Condescending comes from a hurried desperate attempt to pass on your information, with very little or no willingness to put in effort for other(s) to comprehend or execute. Condescending is by gestures and/or words. Discussing somebody on their face, as if they are not in the same room and one sided conversations are the attributes of being condescending. Condescending has coating of the anger and fear of ‘will not be heard’.

Motivation requires more effort, it requires you to care and respect. Sometimes this might need more time. But in the long run, this is the only effective way to communicate.

Both come with the common aim to share the message.

However, motivation is the only way to have a beneficial effect. It gives you energy to find your way further on, even after the initial motivator has left the scene. After this you learn to be an awesome motivator yourself.

To be a motivator keep your energy high.

You start the sentences with, “May I suggest you something.”

You can insist, you can be stern, but you only need to be sincere.

Try this with kids, service providers, friends, colleagues and all others, whether you talk to them or about them or even thinking about.

See the acceptance of your message. Please remember, acceptance need not necessarily be agreement. Also, here the disagreement is minus the animosity.

Most importantly do this for yourself. Every thought that you have, every self conversation you get in involved in, let it be a suggestion rather than an imposition. When you look for motivation in others or outside look for the polite ones only.

Love and respect.

Thank you and Best Regards

Reena Yadav, IADLife


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