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Intermittent hard work is giving up

Intermittent hard work is equivalent to giving up as it is devoid of consistency.

Dear friend!

Whether it is practice of healing solutions, diet, exercise or any other project, for best results you have to do it regularly. If you have been taking lots of intermittent breaks, it is same as giving up on your efforts. When you take too many stops you lose the momentum and the results are below your anticipation. Your ideas could get obsolete. What ever you are involved in seems more difficult, boring and yielding dis-satisfactory results.

Intermittent breaks are well understood to be de-stressors and which may be required for you to relax your mind and body for your efficient functioning. Frequent breaks like snacking, snoozing, browsing social networking sites, chatting, entertainments can be distracting. You could choose take your time off your active project(s) but in a regulated and creative manner.

For satisfactory result or something higher, move to a more consistent option. Plan the process. Create a schedule. Stay true to it. Motivate and promote yourself to abide by it. Be grateful for the road travelled thus far.

If there are chores, responsibilities, commitments and/or other time investments,  put them in your planning and schedule, be sincere with them too.

You could have some flexibility in time allotment and in sequence of the tasks but be mindful of completing it.

Create milestones and celebrate completion of each of them.

Always do a little more for/in the project than the pre-decided schedule.

It is important to re-energize and replenish from time to time. Do it in a way that it does not interfere with the continuity of your project in hand.

Do this, you are a rock star. You are a winner.

This is a habit that you can reprise on all other goals you wish to attain.

Thank you and Best Regards
Reena Yadav, IADLife




Only important makes presence felt


Only something that is important enough can make it’s presence felt.

Dear friend!

he/she/they/it is the ‘third party’.

“I do not care if he/she/they/it exist or exit from my life “ – have you ever tried to say this or something to this effect.
*News Flash* If you are talking/thinking/writing about the third party then, yes it’s IMPORTANT in your life.

Know this :

(a)This ‘third party’ is there in your life for a reason, either for pleasure or for learning. If you have been paying attention to anything from/about the ‘third party’, then it’s taking up the resources from your space and therefore, the ‘third party’ is important. You may criticize the ‘third party’. You may discuss this ‘third party’. You may even just think about the ‘third party’. You may even say one thing and do something else about this ‘third party’. All in all, the kind and amount of energy and vibration that you are giving to this ‘third party’ is a lot. If you are a high vibrational being, your complaints, criticism, back biting, cribbing about the ‘third party’ also will do something good for them. As a result the ‘third party’ will keep making it’s presence felt in your life without you getting any credit, and the cycle of you liking, not liking or being confused continues.
(b)If you don’t wish that ‘third party’ is important, then focus on what is important. Pay attention to who/what you wish to give attention to. Here’s a lucrative idea, how about you shift your focus on YOU and your life purpose. The more you focus on moving forward in your life, the ‘third party’ becomes less important, dilute and redundant.
If you are unsure of a ‘third party’ in your life that has been making it’s presence felt and you are not sure of it’s importance, switch your attention to either self or your immediate priority.
If the ‘third party’ is constantly making guest appearances in your life but does not give you the confidence of security or importance, see it as an insufficient input in your life and shift your attention to something that is ‘you oriented’.
If you have been doing this in someone else’s life as you are not sure, it is suggested that you get sure.
Be fair to yourself and your life. You and your interactions are important and are meant to cater to world of creativity, so give importance to that.
Thank you and Best Regards
Reena Yadav, IADLife


Reciprocate to Rejection with Opportunity

Reciprocation of rejection by rejection leads to more rejection

Reciprocate Rejection with Opportunity

Dear friend!

Someone did not receive your call and did not call you back or did not respond to your message or email. If you remember the lack of reciprocation, you would note it as rejection. Next time you might respond based on this stored memory. In later situations, if for any reasons the person has not been able to respond to you then, you would recognise this as further rejection to your earlier rejection. Truth however, could be very different.

If only you are willing to know

(a)You are worth being responded to. (b) Everything is happening for your greater good.

So if the response is not there, it is not rejection. It could be anything else but that for you. It is divine timing to get the right reciprocation. The restlessness that you feel while you wait in anticipation of possible rejection is something you could let go.

If you have been not regular with your project or exercising. And you decide to give up because you were not consistent, is you feeling rejection and you rejecting. Don’t give up ever, just start this very second. Even if it is a small tiny step for what you are doing. Choose your favourite way as a step forward in the project or change to an exercise you like.

Show acceptance in some form. Show that you are willing to receive.

Don’t take rejections, convert them to opportunities. If you receive a letter from company where you have applied for a job, take this opportunity to introspect, what is your learning, write back or seek a telephonic discussion to know more about the reply, apply in other places, take an inventory of your skills, constantly keep learning something new. Leave a note for your friend who is not responding. If it is your friendship or other relationship where you feel rejected, again take this opportunity to introspect, what is your learning, take an inventory of your qualities that are adorable, constantly keep discovering yourself.

Thank you and Best Regards

Reena Yadav, IADLife


Growth vs competition eliminaton

When you discriminate you think you are eliminating the competition. But, the fact is you are eliminating your personal growth, exposure, expansion and a fair chance to excel in life.


Dear friend!

When the competition gets tough, you get tougher. You add skills, use all your talent , knowledge, hard work, smart work and do your best. This is what a healthy competition brings out of you. Your true human potential.

If you want to avoid the competition, you will look for the 1st exit sign. Discrimination is the most common chosen way to exit and eliminate competition.

Discrimination is done at person level, characteristics level or anything else that can be associated with the opponent. But, this is just an excuse which is fueled by your old beliefs, used as per your timely convenience.

Skipping a competition will rob you of the opportunity to know what you are truly capable of. You could see how it pushes you to expand your horizons of knowledge and skills, how much more you learn from the newly acquired knowledge and how you exist in the new unvisited territories.

It is not about winning, it is only about excelling after giving it your all.

In this arena called ‘your life’, you are encountering competition at all times and in all areas. Whether you are willing to chose to stay, learn and grow or not to participate, either/both must contribute to your welfare.

Example of discrimination : When you are judging someone/something you are discriminating. When you are cribbing on your resources or your support system you are discriminating. When you are nitpicking on the inadequacy of the arrangement or situation, you are discriminating. Because here you are clearly saying that someone has better than you.

Do stay and see what can be learnt from the competition, do not use shortcuts like discrimination.

Explore and evolve.

Thank you and Best Regards

Reena Yadav, IADLife




When you do what you love to do

When you do what you love to do  etiquette, manners, limiting behaviours, old beliefs go out of the window

Dear friend!

‘Energy of love’ is all you need to very comfortably, smoothly, seamlessly and beautifully live your life and have it moving forward amazingly.

Look for what you LOVE  to do and you will be unstoppable.

If you are not, then you don’t love it enough for it to drive you.

Because you are unstoppable.

So just find what you love. Once you have zeroed in on that particular thing you love, be it person, animal, project or  hobby, the passion for it will help you clear all the clutter of social etiquette, limiting behaviors and old beliefs in your mind however deep seated they are.

The space created can be filled with creativity and growth.  Use it, explore and expand. Live your loving life.

If you have something you love but you are still allowing the other factors to keep you from experiencing it fully, then change that by doing more of that you love to do and show your loyalty, sincerity and consistency towards it. Then see how this love is going to set you free from the prosperity sabotaging factors.

Reena Yadav, IADLife



layers of the onion : healing

Healing process in Life , is like layers of  the onion. Each layer has significance. Each layer is learning. 

Each layer leads to new layer. You can reach the next layer ONLY after addressing the previous layer.
Dear friend!

Healing process is a lifetime practice. It’s not a chore, it’s  a REVELATION. As you address one situation the result from it equips you to understand and deal with next situation and so on.

Life is about moving forward.

If you resist dealing with one situation or making the change by delaying or postponing, you feel stuck in the situation or phase in your life. You could run/dodge/escape by not facing a situation but it will keep coming back in your life in the form of patterns.

It might seem to you that situation is tough to deal with, but you are stronger and better supported than you think. Let go the old beliefs that keep nagging you about how incapable or unprepared you are or how you will be abandoned if you do this/that.

Just take the step.

If you are wondering what situation do you need to face! It is the situation that keeps visiting and re-visiting your mind again and again.

Do the action.

You will see how pleasantly you swim through in the life when you decide to address situations that present themselves.

Take help, take support, ask help, ask for support. Do everything you humanly can based on what you believe about yourself, not what you believe about yourself based on others.

Just do it. Finish your learning.

This is what you are here for, on this planet.

Have a pleasant life.

Thank you and Best Regards

Reena Yadav, IADLife


Gossip Vs Sharing Information

Gossip Vs  Sharing Information


Dear friend!

Gossip is when you are talking about someone with the adjunct or element of judgement. Gossip is a provocative way of instigating people into participating in the conversation  that entails digging out more of what did not work. This can only end in feeling(s) of low vibration.  Various actions involved in this are making fun, criticizing, tarnishing the person/situation being discussed, feeling betrayed and rejected, guilty and fear of being caught. It is a whirlpool of misguided ‘sense to belong’ that will keeping sucking you into furnishing more data to feel superior in knowledge or ability to handle the situation better, even if it is untrue.  This solves absolutely nothing. It might give you a false sense of being heard temporarily but leaves you feeling very incomplete. Your word is reduced to a hearsay, i.e. with no authenticity.

Sharing information is when you have absolutely the least amount of bias. This is solution oriented and involves open minded discussion, lesson learning, safe guarding the person/situation being discussed and well wishing. Only good for all involved comes out of that.

If you do get involved in a gossip or inadvertently become a gossiper and now when you are willing to change, you can use the gossip to do good to you and for others.

In the conversation pass on the message that you would actually like to share. Look for the learning in the whole situation. Instead of seeing the shortcoming of anyone, point out the empowering points that you see in the situation.

“I think he/she/they must have a valid reason that makes sense, to do this.”

“Only  he/she/they know the real truth. I wish them luck.”

“Hope he/she/they get the right help/learning in/from this situation.”

“May something very good come out of this situation, for all involved.”

This is a beautiful way to spread and practice the affirmation for you and anyone else you wish.

Please know it is not the way to show pity or trying to put yourself in anyone else’s shoes. Share information in a way to empower yourself and if you wish for others too.

Good luck.

Thank you and Best Regards

Reena Yadav, IADLife

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