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Create Opportunities,  not road block.


Dear friend!

How opportunities can be created from life situations can be clearly seen from the following case studies.

Z loved physical fitness. After her baby was 1 year old, she wanted to actively get into fitness regime. She included her 1 yr old in the exercise steps, so that she could play with her baby and also continued exercising.

P was given only editing and filing work. Initially she thought she was being assigned meager jobs and was getting very upset. She created an opportunity from this monotonous job, and learnt every aspect of filing organizing and became a very good editor. She then started getting larger editing jobs and was called in for consultation on organizing files. This gave her job satisfaction and pay satisfaction too.

Q had his in laws move in with his family after his father in law got transferred in the same city. They were there for few days but because he was so used to having his schedule as priority, anything else that kept him from that was causing him irritation. He created an opportunity here and started to wake up early to comfortably finish his routine work including exercising. His health started to get better, stress reduced and he started enjoying his in laws presence in his home. He even learnt chess from his mother in law who was an expert in it.

R bought her new car and saw the distance of travel from the office to home as an opportunity to practice to drive 40 kms to and fro. Because of this within a month she became a very good and responsible driver.

D noticed that his office elevator was always full when he arrived. His department/ cubicle was on  4th floor. Instead of cribbing he decided to climb the stairs on daily basis. One of the days while going through the stairs he met his future wife who had her office on the 1st floor.

Life most certainly is full of twists and turns. These may come suddenly or stay persistently. If you see these as a problem and go in a complaining mode. You are creating road blocks for yourself. The moment you find something uncomfortable or other than usual, start your brain machinery into looking for opportunities in it. Opportunities to learn. Opportunities to grow by adding skills. Opportunities of getting flexible and changing your ways.

Life starts to bring beautiful surprises like it happened with the case studies above.

Interesting observation is all the road blocks or ones you are seeing as road blocks are actually part of your support system whether it is at human level or life experience level.

Another interesting observation of human behaviour is, humans are dissatisfied with things that are easy. This dissatisfaction is your road block to creative changes or progress.

Many years ago, when steam iron was introduced. Market survey indicated that, initially it was completely rejected by the masses. Reason, people were so use to the heavy ironing machine that, when something like steam iron that was lighter and was still doing an efficient job, came along, it was not believable by some human mind that something that earlier took so much effort can be done so easily just by using an alternative.

What can be considered as easy could also be considered as an opportunity to create space in your schedule and your mind. This space in your schedule and mind could be for your new creative ideas to be brought to reality.

Please note, yet another important and obvious point. Anything that seems difficult is not a road block.

As has been seen from the case studies, how the seemingly obvious road blocks were beautifully recognised or converted into opportunities. Road blocks could be your capabilities or your handicap. Your family members close and extended, friends, colleagues, neighbors, acquaintances. Life situations that may seem unnecessary. But when you are willing to closely and patiently see, they could be gold mine opportunities.

Opportunity to explore.  Opportunity to do things differently. Opportunity to do things in an innovating manner.

Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

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Fun of learning

When you let go the compulsion of excelling, then only thing left is the FUN of LEARNING.

Fun of learning

Dear friend!

What you are good at and what you need to work on or get better at is very clear to you as a candidate. The ‘marking system’ is for someone else. Marking system is not for the candidate. How the candidate appears in front of the peers and how the candidate will be judged in terms of social levels and career, is what marking system is for!

There has been an opinion that the marking system helps in creating a filtering system for the suitable jobs, for the ones that are hiring.

So when the hirer suggests that they are ‘looking for the best’, that becomes a misnomer, as this is being done for their convenience.

Intelligence, talents, skills, creative thinking which are responsible for the innovative work and rise in productivity in a company, is not hard pressed of the marking system.

Now if the hirers are not looking for the best then why do they have a cut-off.

Is the purpose of exams becoming proponent of studies focused on the previous year’s questions or question styles, to get marks. Where does that leave the ‘knowledge’ factor.

Knowledge on all subjects is necessary for students because that will give them a choice of knowing what they wish to pursue to gain expertise in future. Understanding the application in the present time along with it, will be useful for the student as prospective working personnel and for people who are looking for matching talents or skills.

Only thing that is actually of value for a student is the aptitude on street smart and book smart. Whatever they are good at, that part can contribute in the productivity.

The grading system could be knowledge oriented instead of exam and marks oriented. Focus of the grading system has to be on ‘motivation to learn’, rather than ‘finding out ways on accessing how much they have learnt.’

Parents place their responsibility of their children’s education on complete strangers. Then, how else will they know how much has their child learnt. If they move from one school to another, how do they prove to the new members, what their child knows. For that, parents and teachers need to have the willingness to spend time on each child to know their level of required knowledge.

If not, then marks oriented grading system may have been created due to lack of time and lack of patience.

If somebody is motivated by deadlines or pleasing someone else or under peer pressure then it will not be knowledge oriented. Only self motivation could be knowledge oriented. When, attaining knowledge, understanding or willingness or inspiration or the excitement of knowledge or how the knowledge is going to be utilised in life is the motivation, it is then that it is knowledge oriented. That comes from self motivation. Knowledge could be motivating enough.

The stress of excelling keeps you from ‘knowledge oriented motivation’.

Knowledge oriented motivation gives you a choice of single subject focus or being multi-disciplinary. It also gives you a choice to switch subjects and fields as and when necessary in your life. So, you can grow in many and any direction.

World requires people with knowledge. So have fun gaining knowledge. Have fun learning.

Thank you to my friend Priyashree for the discussion and contribution.

Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

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learn – two things about it in life

There are only two things in life :

  1. a) Acknowledge what you wish or need to learn
  2. b) Be willing to learn


learn - two things about it in life


Dear friend

Students of regular educational institute or institute that offer courses, have it easy. Moment they enter the course they are told what they need to be learning. So these students attend the classes and appear for exams.

There is yet another institute.

Institute of life. Learning here comes as per YOUR willingness to accept the guidance. There are no compulsions, only necessity. If you learn it will be great. Else, something other than that will keep coming up for you to learn.

Life is about growing and learning and prospering. You have within you an innate need to know and add more in your knowing. Whether it is your life situations where you wish to know ‘what, when why and how’ of it. Whether it is a next step in life or career which plants a requirement of an added skill. All of which is only promoting you to learn and move forward.

If the situation is tough, boring or very interesting, whichever way the suggestion of learning comes to you, just keep asking. What am I to learn from this! When you are guided towards what you need to learn. Find out how and from where to learn. Even if the arrangement is unconvincing take that step, but you need to be comfortable.

Be willing to learn what you need to learn.

For skill attainment, be the sincere and diligent student that you need to be. Attend regularly, practice, do the home work, turn up the next time.

For life’s learning. Be willing to stay in the situation, but work on keeping your vibrations at good level for you to understand and learn.

Let go doubt. Notice everything but focus only on what you are adding in your life.

Applications of the skills and life’s learning will appear as you move forward in your learning. You will notice how your new grown self has these new skill(s) and learning(s) integrated into your life’s functionalities.

Skill or life learning both contribute towards your enhanced life.

So be willing to know ‘what next’. Be willing to ask yourself every morning, what am I willing to learn today! Be willing to check with yourself every evening what did I learn today!

If you don’t know what to learn and which direction to go, it actually indicates that there is a wonderful space in your life where you are willing to allow new divine learning.

You can say ‘today I am willing to learn whatever Universe has to teach me to take me towards my enhanced life.’ In the evening check with yourself. ‘What did you learn!’

Create a note book and note down all that you have been adding in your life in the form of skillset or life learning.

Learn and grow every day.

Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

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stay in ‘the situation’ with HOPE

There are two reasons you continue to stay in a situation,

Fear and Hope.

Reduce the fear. Increase the HOPE. Convert it into FAITH

stay in 'the situation' with HOPE

Dear friend!

Have you found yourself not leaving ‘the situation’ that has been overwhelming, scary, irritating, frustrating, hurtful and/or difficult! Have you wondered about escaping from ‘the situation’ and yet found yourself adhering to it!

There are two logical explanations to why you choose to stay in/with ‘the situation.’

First one is you don’t leave out of fear. Fear of leaving could mean stepping into the unknown or uncharted, where support system is unclear. It could also mean stepping into the world where experiences and situations are un-chalked. Fear of leaving could mean fear of being left out or missing out. Fear of leaving could mean fear of unrecognised/recognised patterns to pursue you in known/unknown manner, if you leave.

Second logical explanation for your staying is the ‘hope’. Hope of that things will get better. Hope of that things will change. Hope that you will know what to change about you. Hope that you will find the willingness to change. Hope that you will finish the learning and have the enhanced life passing through ‘the situation.’

So next time when you notice that ‘the situation’ is anything but loving and you are staying with/in the situation, please know that you did this because you made this your choice and not because of lack of one.

Now that you are here to stay in ‘the situation’, while you are here, increase the hope. Start to list the things you could be grateful for in ‘the situation’. This will take some intrinsic research work in ‘the situation.’ Digging deep and moving in layer by layer will trigger finding out what works in ‘the situation’. This is an amazing process that jump starts a neural machinery within that churns out the skills, talents, knowledge, behaviour, habit that you always had but you needed for it to re-surface. All these, within you that you are getting re-acquainted with will only work in your favor and start to move you towards your enhanced life. You will start to inculcate them in your everyday and then every moment of your life.

As this happens your hope converts to faith.

Now stay with faith instead of ‘the situation.’ During or after this conversion, ‘the situation’ starts to change or has changed completely. And you can now choose to be with ‘the change’.

You can carry out the same process for any ‘situation.’

Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

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Finding Creating BALANCE

Life is all about finding and/or creating that ‘BALANCE’

Finding Balance
Dear friend!

When you consciously start your healing journey, there are several types of studies and teachers that may come your way. Some may mean one thing to you and the other may mean something completely different. Can one set of understanding be befitting all situations?

So what/which to follow? Or in this confusion do you start to doubt and contemplate quitting. Only to come back with some determination, which is short lived, and then succumb to the same confusion of “what/which to follow”.

Real answer is the ‘balance’.

Let’s get into some examples that will support the understanding of finding and/or creating that balance.

In your effort to be in good health, fitness and energy you start to exercise. The day you have had a full schedule and you are tired to workout, motivating yourself out of the bed and into the exercise field is the true self love. To decide when to give yourself rest and when to get disciplined, is your internal responsibility. Love yourself enough to know how much you want to be fit and look great, now. This will lay the path for rightful balance of exercising and relaxing, that is most effective for you.

With children, as parents there has always been a question when to and how much of work do you do for them. The balance between when to monitor and guide and when to give space for growth has to be individualistic decision. You are definitely going to be their parents for this life time. You supporting them directly or getting them the right help is your parental responsibility profile. In midst of all the routine of/for your kids, your career, health, relationship and self-growth needs to be an integral part of your daily schedule too.

Such ‘balance’ makes you decisive in your life and keeps you from getting overwhelmed. ‘Balance’ helps you stay on the path and keeps you from quitting completely.

Balance also helps in choosing:

#When to suggest and when to take instructions

#When to affirm or afform or tap (EFT)

#When and how much to give

#When to hang on and when to let go

#When to be completely dependent and when to be completely self-reliant

#When to show care to others and when to self-focus

#When to be comfortable asking and when to let go and give it away as gift

#When to confront and when to introspect

Life is customised for you. ‘Balance’ is the non stringent way to live your kind of life and still don’t feel out of the pack. No more comparing or feeling left behind. ‘Balance’ let’s you get the most out of life learning.

‘Balance’ allows different perspectives for the same path to be an option. Now there can be discussions and you will know that you need not disagree right away as there are many ways of achieving the same or similar aim.

So find that balance or create that balance and keep moving forward in your healing journey. Find out what suits and works for you. Find out what it is to be YOU.  Live like you. Fulfill your aim.

Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

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only how you achieve matters

It does not matter how it was done by others! You don’t have to be others. You have to be you.

Only thing that  matters  is how YOU ACHIEVE.

how you achieve

Dear friend!

If you are wondering about the ‘how’ of the third party achievement. Then, you have been focusing too much on others.

When you see a third party  achievement you could admire and/or get inspired. Then you can find out how they achieved what they achieved. After this, you wondering about their achievement has to stop. Bring the focus on how you would do, what requires to be done, in your way to achieve, what you wish to achieve.

When you decide to follow in the footsteps of the one that has inspired you, you may acquire the knowledge of the start and finish and experiences in the journey of the achiever.

From here on create your own goal, path and experiences. If your admiration is too high and self-faith not so much then there is a possibility that you might end up imitating. The imitation comprises of not just the outline of the journey of the achievement and end point of the journey, it also encompasses the hardships, the setbacks, the milestones and the results both in quantity and quality.

You can only appreciate and admire an achiever. You aspire the achievement. When you become a copy cat to an achiever you need to remind yourself that.

Create your own milestones, your expectations on reaching each milestone, your experiences every moment in the journey.

Create what you wish to feel on every step, every milestone, when you finish, after you finish.

Observe but don’t get influenced.

When you find others misshapes and misfortunes missing from your experience of the journey, don’t go into self doubt that, you are doing it wrong.

For you, only your way is the right way.

Set your own intention about your achievement. Let your achievement be your story. Trust what you have designed for you.

The same suggestion would go to anyone who is now getting inspired by you.

If you could know that every person on this planet has unique experiences and that makes the person UNIQUE. You could learn from other’s experiences. But, you are neither going to be live their experiences nor are you ever going to be them.

You achieve. Then celebrate with who ever you wish to. Have fun along the way.

Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

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be willing to be convinced

No one can force you. But be willing to be convinced.

be willing to be CONVINCED

Dear friend!

The IADLife Post “Not A Leaf Can Stir In Your Universe Without Your Permission”, would sufficiently describe the introduction to this post.

So it’s true, no one can do anything in your space without permission.

This is the fact. Please be willing to accept it. See some of the examples in your life, INTROSPECT. Is your role visible to you in these situations. Are you willing to take the responsibility of what happened, regardless how much of external influence seemed to play their part.

So no one can force you.

Every step you take, every experience that is attract, every learning and every achievement is all yours.

When you express, the Universe brings you what you express. Sometimes instead of embracing, you tend to resist. This is because, when you expressed, either you were not clearly or consciously aware or you did not expect such a speedy manifestation or your way of manifestation was stringent and predetermined.

As a result you do not accept.

Thus, you could lose out on what you asked for.

So next time when you see someone (humans, animals) or something (life situations, experiences) bringing an opportunity or suggestion once or more than once, and if you feel you are being forced, please be open to considering that it could be a ‘way forward’.

Your feeling of you being forced here is actually your resistance to move forward. Still no one can force you.

But if you could see how it could work in your favor then please be willing to be convinced.

Know this, affirm this – “Only good will come out of this.” And then see how the wonders open up to you. There is experience there. There is exposure there. There is expansion there. There is your enhanced self there.

Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

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