“ACTION” is the best way

“ACTION” is the best way to get over resistance.

“ACTION” is the best way


Please do share with all those who you think could benefit from it.
Dear friend!

Resistance is recognised by sudden upsurge in angry or fearful feelings, when you show interest in your self ruled ‘far fetched’ desire. These feelings are also recognised as lump in the throat, heaviness in the forehead, sudden jolt near solar plexus chakra which is in the middle of your ribs and/or pressure in the center of heart chakra, amongst others. This will be followed by you feeling energetically low.

Resistance comes from conviction of being in lack or of unpreparedness.

You want to be fit, but you resist going to a gym as you don’t look good enough in sports clothes or you don’t agree with looking presentable enough in the swim wear or you don’t think you have found the right trainer or the most effective exercise. You love to work-out but you are stopping yourself by looking for convincing reasons which are excuses that keeps you from achieving what you set out to achieve.

ACTION : get up right now and do some movement. Walk or jog for 5 mins, do 20 crunches/situps/ pushups/ jumping jack/ lunges, in exactly what you are wearing and where ever you are, where ever you can.

You love to know more and want to increase your knowledge  but you have eye problems or you are just not getting around to reading the book. But when you order the  book and it arrives, but you have not gone past the preface or contents.

ACTION:  If you have the book, open it and read a paragraph or a page right this second. If that book is not around, read anything that is around you for next 3 to 5 mins.

Same thing with any other situations that are causing anxiety when you think of doing it, but not doing it, although you really want to do it.

Writing gratitude . ACTION: Look around and/or say the 5 things you are grateful for this very minute.

Resolving relationship situations. ACTION: Use EFT/tapping*, find place to tap and start 5 to 10 mins to have a self conversation on the relationship, right this moment.

Same goes for money too.

You want to write. ACTION: scribble a paragraph on your thoughts right now.

You want to contact or connect or clarify with some one. ACTION: type a short message to him/her/them, as you read this. Send it when you are ready. Or, just make that call.

Anything you want to learn cooking, language, painting, driving, cycling. ACTION : Take any one or more step(s) impromptu. Even if it is making the inquiry.

Please note this, writing a plan is also an action, but participating in it with your physical movements it is the real action that will get you results.

Question is can you apply in all areas?

For example, how will it apply it in dieting? Even when you are not even eating now or in next hour. Here, just go and shift the food items you wish to eat or avoid in your kitchen. Or, write it on ‘post-it’ and stick it where you can see what you are going to have in an hour.

Similarly, there is some action you can do in anything and everything.

Focus on the action not the life situation that is keeping you from doing it.

Next step is that you find every reason to keep doing action for your life’s desire. Don’t wait for the perfect ideal situation. Situation will become conducive, only when you do the action. Even if you stop. Take some action as soon as you get reminded of that. Eventually the actions taken, takes over the resistance. You start to see the results of your action. Opportunities, support and creative ideas start to pour in. This is your resistance diffusing. So the visibility of connection with the Universe becomes more evident. It is as if the resistance was never there.

Wishing you an ACTION packed day.

Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife



Note EFT/tapping* : For more information on this, please contact IADLife.


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