“Not expecting anything”, is when the generosity accepted itself is the approval.



Dear friend!

Every action has a response.

In your life, when you show generosity, you may either (1) look for a ‘thank you’, ‘appreciation’, ‘testimonial’, ‘feedback’, ‘something materialistic ‘ or (2) you may just refuse to accept anything from the receiver.

Here where you look for something to in return:

(1)Your end result is to receive. You are clear that way. However, if you don’t receive what you wish to receive you feel rejected and are disappointed. And that dissuades you from giving in future.

Here where you are expressing to not looking for something in return:

(2) The understanding here is that you don’t need or expect anything in return.

So, the communication to others and your universe is that you don’t want to receive. You are blocking anything that the receiver would have wanted to give you that could help them receive from you more easily. You are so focussed on being able to give selflessly that you don’t notice that your rejection of something/anything in return is in turn rejecting them. You are also sending a message to the universe that you are not open to receiving. As a result, you stop all receiving. This will not serve you well because when you stop the inflow, the reservoir starts to empty and then the outflow gets affected.

But, there is a way to accept without expecting.

Truth is that APPROVAL is all that you ask for. This is regardless of the form you see it in, and whether you ask for it clearly or you refuse it openly.

The fact that your generosity is accepted, that itself is ‘the approval’ and that is enough.

Understand and accept this, and you will get comfortable with yours and others generous action or step.

You are happy, truly grateful and thankful that, what you are giving is being or has been received graciously. That is the only approval that you seek. When you are willing to accept that, it is then that you can use the phrase ‘not expecting anything‘. The true rephrasing of this is ‘not expecting anything else’.

When you quite honestly and highly appreciably have the clarity that you are expecting something in return, you could just do one thing and that is not be particular and be open to receiving that what you have asked for or something higher.

Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife



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